Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Well, I'm behind again on the happenings around our house but before I go backwards, I'll post our present day adventures!  Happy Mother's Day to me!  And to you (if you're a mom).

I got donuts and coffee in bed, with the paper and all the time I wanted to just sit and enjoy it!  Once I finally emerged I decided we'd all head out to Minnehaha Falls to do some exploring and have a picnic.  We also decided to bring Loki.

Loki turned out to be the star of the show.  I don't want to brag or anything, but he's pretty cute!  I was just telling Rob that not a day goes by when someone doesn't stop me and ask what kind of dog he is, or just to tell me he's cute.  I'm sure when I told Rob this he did a mental eye roll because of course I am biased.  But, today Rob got to see it with his own eyes.  We lost track of the number of people who stopped us to comment on Loki. At least two people asked for the breeder's information and one guy even stopped me and asked if he could take a picture of my dog.  Loki was quite a hit!

But, back to our adventure. It was a gorgeous day to be outside!  After we ate up our Boston Market picnic we headed to the falls, only we parked not anywhere near it, so it was a bit of a hike.  The kids loved it!

 And, of course, what's a trip to Minnehaha without going in the "restricted" area.  We're teaching the kids to live on the edge!

The kids had so much fun climbing around.  I knew they would think it was cool, but I underestimated how much they would want to climb around and explore.  They did a little bit of wading in the river a little further downstream but it was getting late, Loki was hot, and we only paid for 2 hours of parking (which had already come and gone) so we had to head out.  But it is definitely on our list of places to go again this summer!  We'll leave Loki behind so the paw-parazzi doesn't follow us around (see what I did there!)

I'm one lucky mom!

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