Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Noodle Rat Rotten Hat

On Thursday, February 4th Austin and Ellie tried out for a play through the Prior Lake Players. It was called Noodle Rat Rotten Hat, and other than that, we didn't know much about it. And at 9:30 that night they called and offered the role of "Binky Bear" to Ellie and "Brother Bear" to Austin. In the morning I told them about the offers and they were both disappointed. They always go into a play audition eager to receive the top role. I suppose in a way that it's nice they set their sights high, but they have yet to learn that they are fairly young and only have a couple plays under their belts so it will be awhile before they get the top spots. But, they agreed to do the play with the assigned parts. That night, Friday, they had their first read-through. They would only have 13 rehearsals to pull it all together.

When they got to the read through Ellie received an actual script. This made her very excited because only "real" parts get scripts....the rest of the cast gets copies of scripts. So, she was immediately appeased. When I went with Austin to get his script the director pulled him aside and had a chat with him, then came back and told me she was going to have him read the part for the kind of a "call-back" (there was a snow storm during auditions so there was no chance for call-backs). This made him very excited because the Wolf was one of the 6 main characters. However, when we opened up his script and started reading his lines I got very nervous for him. None of his lines made any sense. For example, his opening line is:

"Show, ratchet, ratchet, tea woof's beehive dew! Glisten pimples, Me yam woof, ski? Me post to scratch disk noodle grill."

Say what???

Somehow he made it through the read-through with little help from me and he got the part.

The next month was a whirlwind of rehearsals on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday's from about 6-9ish. And a whirlwind of trying to coordinate who was taking which kid and where. And our daily dinners each night became a free for all. It was a crazy month, but the kids were having a blast so On With the Show!!!

The week before the show I joined a group of moms that were coordinating costumes. We sewed bear paws, ears, and tails. And then the director gave me a couple yards of fake fur, a vest that was a few sizes too large, and a hat with a plea to put wolf ears on the hat and make a vest that fit, a tail, and some leg cuffs. I took it to my mom and we had it done in no time. I drew out the pieces and she sewed the together. My dad threw some wire in the tail to make it stick out and we had a wolf costume! For Ellie's bonnet and bib I was not that involved. That was more of a "here's some fabric mom....pretty please make a big baby bonnet and bib!" Of course she did a great job!

Ellie and Austin both had so much fun throughout the whole month. There was never any complaining about going to practice, or practicing their lines at home. Austin did have a song he had to sing, which did cause quite a few grumbles out of him, but he pulled it off in the opposed to Ellie who sang songs with the Bears and we couldn't get her to stop!

Here's my Binky Bear:

And my Wolf:

And the rest of the Bears:

And the witch attacking my Binky Bear:

For such a quick turnaround on the show (usually practices are double this amount of time) it ended up being one of my favorites. A very quirky and cute show. They had a great turnout for both performances. My kids were happy with their cheering section:

And on Saturday night all three of my kids were delighted to see their favorite teacher show up. I forgot to snap a picture with her. But, she's recently had some fairly severe health problems and they haven't seen her in months, so for her to make a special trip just to see these kids was awesome!

Austin is already asking when he can be in another play.

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Sue H said...

Bravo! and Brava! How exciting for the whole family...and good job, Mama & Grandma. Costumes are adorable.