Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Brace Yourself

This cutie got braces yesterday!

Just on the top four (for now). We went to the dentist about a month ago and I explained that Riley has not lost her two bottom middle teeth yet but she has lost several others. I was only concerned because usually those two bottom middle teeth are the first to go. They agreed that was odd and did an x-ray. What we found out was that Riley is missing her adult bottom middle teeth. In addition, she is also missing her adult top lateral teeth. They told us it would be wise to consult with an orthodontist sooner rather than later.

We met with an orthodontist about a week later, and she confirmed all of the above. She also pointed out that Riley's top middle tooth came in where the lateral tooth should have which is why she lost that baby tooth. That is a tooth she will never get it. Also, the middle tooth came in behind her bottom teeth instead of in front (when she closes her jaw). The orthodontist was concerned that as the tooth moved forward it would knock out another one of her permanent teeth down below. As she put it "this girl cannot afford to lose any more adult teeth!". And so, Riley has braces.

The plan is to get her front top teeth in better alignment. Then she is going to wear a retainer until she has lost all the remaining of her baby teeth. Then she'll get braces again, and at that time we'll figure out what to do with all the missing teeth, or rather the spaces where those teeth should be.

Hurray for good dental insurance.

The dentist also gave me a referral for both Austin and Ellie. They have their orthodontist appointments in six weeks. Cross your fingers they have more normal mouths!

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Kerry said...

Looking good, Riley! Did you wear the sweatshirt so that the dog's hat matched your braces? Very fashionable!