Monday, January 18, 2016

Date Day with Riley

No school today means I'm free to have a date with one of the kids and today was Riley's turn! All weekend she has wanted to do our date and I promised we'd do it today, despite the cold. Unfortunately her chosen date activity was ice skating.

Well, a promise is a promise so skating it was!

Never mind the winchill of -23. We probably didn't last much longer than 20 minutes. But she did well for our first time out this season. Hopefully it's a little warmer the next time we try.

After skating we decided to warm up with some Caribou. We picked up Austin first because we felt bad leaving him at home (Ellie was at her friends house). Generous of Riley to allow him on her date!

We dropped Austin back at home and headed to Joann Fabrics for some stuffing so she could see a pillow but instead we fell in love with some incredibly soft fabrics and decided a blanket was a better project. Her baby blankets are more holes than anything so this is her replacement.

Riley got a sewing machine for Christmas. She is still getting the hang of it and sews at an incredibly fast speed. It's a work in progress.

She did a great job. Not so eager to work with the pins but still great. Next up is a matching pillow that we might stuff with her ratty old blankets.

Another successful date!

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