Tuesday, December 1, 2015

She's "Spec"tacular

About a month ago we noticed Ellie was having a little trouble reading things on the TV. But she seemed fine otherwise and life was busy so getting her to the eye Dr. didn't happen immediately. Then about 3 days later she came into our bedroom at about 10pm and said "Mom, I forgot to tell you....I had a hearing test today and I need glasses.".

Now, it was 10pm, and I tend to shut down after about 9pm, but something about that didn't make sense to me. I must've looked at her funny because then she giggled and said '"Oops, I mean, they checked my hearing and it's awesome! But they also checked my eyes and the lady told me I had horrible vision". (I thought that was a bit harsh.) So, the next day we took her to the eye doctor and he confirmed she is near-sighted; 3 days later she now looks like this:

Isn't she adorable! It was so cool to watch her try them on for the first time. I mean, she doesn't have a horrible prescription but he did say it was a fairly significant prescription for a first pair. She put them on and smiled really big, then she'd take them off, and put them back on. Tell me all the things she could read on the walls and all the signs she could see on the way home. Ellie has had experience with glasses once before in an effort to control her migraines but she hated wearing them and they didn't seem to do anything for the migraines so we eventually stopped trying. I was worried this was going to be a similar experience where I would constantly be telling her to put her glasses on, but she was so excited about what she could see that she hasn't once complained about them.

Ellie picked out two pair. These are her favorite. The other pair is a bright, almost neon, purple. To be honest I wasn't crazy about either pair in the store but I am the girl who picked out Smurfette glasses in kindergarten that were pink on the top and blue on the bottom so I wasn't in a position to say anything. I do love them now. They are very "Ellie".

The only sad part is that I think they make her look older....*sniff*....she's growing up.

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