Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Snow Globe

I know I've already posted about the porch and how much I love it but as an update, it's still my favorite room of our house.  It's so warm and toasty with the fireplace. It's almost impossible to resist a nap when you're in there (just ask Rob and Loki...they fall victim the most!).  And this year we added a beautiful Christmas tree!  But mostly I want to thank my friend, Michelle, for making the tree happen.

Here is what I did.  Purchased the tree from Walmart.  Called Michelle and said "Please come make my tree pretty."  Escorted Michelle to purchase whatever ornaments and decorations she declared were necessary.

And then, on the day of the big party for the neighborhood I decorated our house with our Christmas stuff and I left Michelle alone on the porch to do what she does best.  I was and am still delighted with the result!

It's a skinny little thing but it fits there perfectly and I love sitting out there in my snow globe and looking at it. I decided that I am just going to throw a sheet or bag of some sort over it and it will go down in the basement all decorated and put together because I would never get it to look like that again.

Thanks Michelle!

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