Sunday, December 13, 2015

Let's Go to the Movies...

(You have to sing that title….like from the movie “Annie”.)
My children are harassing me because I promised I would blog about this a month ago and have not. Here goes…
About a month ago Rob went to Brazil for the week.  We were in the middle of our giant home renovation so there was chaos surrounding us.  Plus, it was a Thursday and on Thursday our evenings look like this:
4pm – kids get off the bus
4:25 – bring Ellie to piano lessons
5pm – pick up Ellie
6:25 – bring Riley to piano lessons
6:40 – drop off Austin at karate
7:00 – pick up Riley
7:45 – pick up Austin
8:00 – Eat

Some would argue I could throw “eat” in there after Ellie’s lesson and before Rileys but if Austin eats before karate he feels ill.  At any rate, its our only super busy day so it’s not a huge deal, but when Rob is traveling it gets a bit nutty.  So, on the way home from karate I was mentally done for the day. I said “Let’s rent a movie. When we get home everyone puts on their jammies and we’re having popcorn, M&Ms, and apples for dinner while we watch a movie.”  The kids scurried upstairs to get ready when we got home and I put some thing away  downstairs got the DVD ready (the new Cinderella) and then headed up to get my own sweatpants on and when I came down I had this:

They had made me a movie theater.
Get the theme?  Cinderlla’s glass slipper, the pumpkin that Ellie is changing into a carriage…
I had a menu:

If I remember correctly I had popcorn, cotton candy, and pop (with free refills!).
And they made me a red carpet to walk on to get to my seat:

And they had set up a snuggly spot for me to sit and enjoy the show:

We stayed up a bit too late for a school night but it was worth it.  These guys knew just what we needed that night!

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