Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Big Reveal

For at least a year Rob has dreamed of transforming all of the woodwork in our house.  Everything is honey oak.  Everything.  And although we loved it when we built our house (even though it wasn’t our first choice, just the standard option) after 10 years we were ready for a change.  We really love the look of white trim.

We spent hours looking on to find pictures of what we could do to our house (and what we couldn’t).  We finally settled on the idea that Rob would be able to replace all of the trim around the floor, windows and doors with new white woodwork and that we could stain all remaining woodwork (fireplace, family room posts, kitchen cabinets, and actual doors) with a dark stain that would hide all of the oak grain we were tired of looking at.  And then we thought the kitchen might get kind of dark with that color so we thought painting the island white would brighten things up.
Well, fast forward to October 20th.  An email was sent out to some of the neighbor ladies asking who would like to host this years Christmas party.  I was thinking it had been awhile since I had hosted everyone so I asked Rob if he cared.  He did not.  And then  he added “we should redo our house for that”.  I didn’t think there was a way to get everything done by the party day, December 11th.  It was only 7 weeks.  Rob assured me we could do it.  So, I agreed to host the part and the next day we got started.  And of course I didn’t remember to take pictures until we were under way.
Rob took off some trim to see how it would come off and thankfully the answer was “fairly easily”.  So, the next day I spent the whole day removing every piece of trim around the floors, doors and windows.  It remained one of my favorite parts of the whole project.  Apparently I’m more of a destructor than constructor.  I then made a schedule of every single thing we would have to do each day in order to have the project completed on time.

For the most part, I worked on all the staining of dark wood and Rob worked on all the painting and trimming of white.  Of course there was some tag teaming both ways but it was a good system.  Rob built some beautiful headers for all the doors and windows!  Once we had almost everything stained we painted the whole downstairs.  We removed the balusters from the staircase and replaced them with fancy iron balusters (this was my favorite project).  In order to stain the wood around the stairs, we had to cut the carpet about 3 inches on either side…which meant we needed new carpet.  And then just to add a little more chaos to the schedule we decided new counter tops were in order as well.

It was a hairy 7 weeks.  I think there were only 2 nights out of the 49 that we didn’t do something for this project.  Our countertops were installed on December 7th and the carpet on December 9th.  That left the 10th to paint remaining areas and touch up stain.  And that left the 11th to finally decorate for Christmas for the party that night.  Nothing like taking it to the last minute!  But we love the results!  And without further adieu here are the before and after pictures:

Front Hallway:

Piano Room:



And for good measure a shot of the whole kitchen and the whole family room (no before pictures)

I still don’t feel rested from all the work.  As soon as the party was over it felt like December just flew by with one activity/party after another. I’m looking forward to the kids going back to school and settling back into a routine that doesn’t involve any paint brushes.

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