Thursday, November 5, 2015

Halloween 2015

I thought I was going to be totally prepared for Halloween this year. Ellie decided pretty early on that she wanted to be a minion. I found a pretty costume at Walmart and I was already "one down two to go"! This was in September. Riley told me in early October that she was going to be a mixed up creature and use a bunch of parts from old costumes. Free and clever...I like it! However, with a little 2 weeks until Halloween she switched to a witch. No problem. I picked up a hat and some tights and decided we'd be able to make the rest. With some help from my mom and sister on the Sunday before halloween we made her a really quick smock/dress, I bought some tulle to tie around her waste, used the rest to make a broomstick and she was done. "Two down, one to go!"


In the past few years he has just come up with his own costume and it is usually great so I didn't give him much thought. He had been tossing around the idea of being someone from the Hobbit for quite awhile and he usually has very specific ideas of what each costume will include so I generally don't get involved much. I think it was perhaps Sunday night that he decided on Voldemort from Harry Potter. He said he just needed a black cloak, white face paint, Voldemort's wand, and something for his head to make him look bald. Just that. No biggie.

We had face paint.

Cue my parents!

Sunday night I went through my mom's patterns and found a cloak that would be perfect. She said it would be no problem and I specifically said "Don't worry about any details because it's just a costume. Skip anything that you want". But, of course she came back 3 days later with a perfect replica of what Austin was envisioning. Plus she added on a cummerbund type thing with loops to hold Austin's wand. An added bonus!

Back to the wand. I mentioned in my last post about trying to find Voldemort's wand and finding out it was $50 and saying "No way, Jose!". So, I half-jokingly and half-hopingly (that's a new word) sent my dad a text with this picture:

And asked if he could quick whittle this for Austin.

And, also in three days, when my mom presented the cloak, my dad presented this:

Because of course he can.

I'm pretty sure I officially give up when it comes to costumes because this team just can't be beat.

Here's the pics from the great night! Big thanks to my mom and dad!

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