Thursday, November 12, 2015

Charlotte’s Web

Back in August Ellie tried out for another community theater production.  This one was Charlotte’s Web.  She was delighted to find out a couple weeks later that she was cast as a farm animal and fairgoer.  She later found out she would specifically be a cow and then even more excited when she found out she would have one line as a fairgoer.  She’s moving on up in the theater world!

Well, the photos are hot off the presses from the show so I’m finally updating the blog with her performance.

Rehearsals started in September and I think she loved every second of it.  In our house it seems to be rare to find an activity that your kid loves 100% of the time but that is how Ellie is with these shows.  I never have to drag her to practice.  She only pouts if she doesn’t have practice.


This is her, and her fellow cows during a rehearsal.  She doesn’t have her cow shirt on because I am currently sitting in the auditorium sewing black cow spots on it.  And a special thanks to my mom who sewed up some white sweatpants for the costume.  Because no one sells white sweat pants.  Because who would ever buy sweatpants in white?

Rob and I also got a bit more involved in this show than in past shows.  Each of the animals needed face paint.  I volunteered to do it and then I volunteered Rob to do it when the original “duck” lady couldn’t continue her role.




It was quite a process!  I think that is probably one thing all of the farm animals were happy to be done with after the show was over.  It’s a process to put on, but also to take off at intermission when they all turned into regular people again for the second half.


Above is Ellie watching fireworks at the fair with her older “sisters”.

And for the final rehearsal they surprised their directors by all dressing up as zombies.


Ellie did not want to participate in this idea.  She thinks zombies are creepy and was even a little scared about going to rehearsal if everyone was going to be dressed as zombies.  But, knowing my daughter, I knew once she was there that she’d change her mind and want to take part in it.  So, at the last minute I convinced her to let me put some face make up on her before the rehearsal and after I saw this picture (taken by someone else there that night) I guess she got over it.

Thanks to everyone who showed their support by coming to see her show!  That is, by far, her favorite part!  She had lots of family, quite a few neighbors, classmates, and even her two favorite teachers showed up!


And because I haven’t included enough photos in this post already, and because everyone loves a good “soldier comes home” story.  I’ll include a video clip of another cow and her dad surprising her (and her siblings) by coming home from 8 months of deployment.  Tear jerker.

Click here for the video!

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