Saturday, October 17, 2015

Puppy Love

Back in June we decided that Riley deserved a pet that did more than swim in a tank (or in Hades case, lay at the bottom of the tank and rarely swim). Rob and I thought that we were ready to graduate to a hamster or guinea pig and that it would be the perfect present for Riley's birthday in August. I set out to do my homework and found out that we should get a guinea pig because hamsters are nocturnal and apparently don't like being held. Then we went to a pet store to hold a guinea pig and see what they were all about. We asked some more questions checked out food prices, etc. I decided right then that I'd rather have a dog. Guinea pigs aren't cheap to feed, poop non-stop, have to have baths, get their nails clipped, and require at least 8 square feet of soon to be really stinky space. You have to clean up their poop at least once a day....and they aren't nearly as awesome as dogs. It took a little bit of convincing but not nearly as much as I thought it would and Rob was on board. Next up was finding our dog.

I started out with shelters and pounds. I checked their websites daily to see if anything arrived that fit our criteria for size and shedding (non-shedding because I'm slightly allergic to pet dander). After a month I realized that all I could find in the shelters were pit bulls, chihuahuas, beagles, and other large breeds that shed. I then turned my search to figuring out what would be the perfect breed for us. After much consideration and changing of my mind, I settled on a Cavapoo and made my pitch to Rob who agreed it was a good choice.

Next I had to find a breeder that didn't border on being a puppy mill. That was easier said than done but I finally came across a place in Albia, IA who was going to have a litter of Cavapoos in min-September. While we were in Hawaii, at a Luau, I was emailing back and forth with this lady. In that 20 minutes she sold two. I asked a few more questions and then sent her our deposit and we were officially on the list to get long as her mama had at least 5 dogs.

So, at the beginning of August we hoped we were getting a dog but told the kids we were only thinking about it and to not get their hopes up because Dad still wasn't' sure it was a good idea. We dragged out that story for what felt like forever. The mama dog ended up having 9 puppies! This weekend it was finally time to reveal our secret!

We told the kids we were driving down to Iowa to go watch Taylor, our niece, play in a basketball tournament. The kids were quite excited about this. So excited in fact that I was afraid they would be mad that we weren't actually there to see Taylor!

The breeder lives on a farm really in the middle of no where. We had to drive down a gravel road to get to her house and I was wondering how long the kids would continue to think we were going to a basketball game. I think Austin was the first to pipe up after about 5 minutes on the gravel road suggesting it was a weird place to have a basketball game. We had passed our breeder's house but she is also a teacher and wasn't home yet so we had to waste some time. Riley was getting worried because she absolutely hates being lost. So, we agreed we'd turn around (once we were sure she was home) and ask someone at that farm we passed for directions.

It wasn't until we were actually in their fenced in dog yard that we spilled the beans. All three of them just sat there mute looking at us. Then they just kept saying "Really?" Then we went in to see the puppies and their excitement became a bit more noticeable but I think they still weren't sure what was going on. I don't think it was until we were sitting on the floor with the 4 boy puppies that they finally figured it out.

It took us about 10 minutes to settle on our favorite (though any would do, they were all adorable!)

Meet Loki:

Rob picked the name. I tried out a few others (Roscoe, Finn, and Ole) but decided that Loki (pronounced Low-kee) was the best. He's the Norwegian God of Mischief so we're hoping we're not type-casting him here....

He's incredibly sweet. We are all in love.

Riley asked us at least a dozen times if this was for real. Do we really get to keep him. And then she was concerned someone else would want him (there were other people there picking up their Golden doodles that were 8 weeks old).

We're all pretty excited and we'll be able to bring him home mid-November. Time to read up on Puppy Training!

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Who could resist a face like that? Looks like one happy group!