Friday, October 30, 2015

Love This Kid!

His imagination is amazing and he is always thinking. Always. Lately he has been devouring the Harry Potter books. Rob started reading the first book to him in first grade because Rob had never read them either and thought they might be good to read together...which they would be, except Austin got completely terrified about 1/4 of the way into book one. Fast forward 4 years and I strongly encouraged (maybe forced) him to give them a second try. They are completely up his alley! And, as I suspected he loves them. He started them in September and he is about 1/2 way through book 6. And, like everything Austin does, he does it full speed ahead. He found a stick in Rob's workshop and it immediately became a wand. He uses his old Jedi robe Grandma Smith made as a cloak. He is a professor at Hogwarts for his little wizard students (Ellie and Riley), and he's constantly shouting out incantations or reminiscing about funny parts in the book expecting me to remember them (which I rarely do...I should re-read them). So, it came as no surprise that Austin wanted to be a character from the books for Halloween. It did surprise me that he wanted to be the evil guy. Lord Voldemort. I think it's the first time he's wanted to be something scary.

So, as we're coming up with his costume he really wanted a new wand. His stick from the workshop wasn't cutting it anymore. I took him to the Halloween store at the mall and he found a really cheap-o plastic Harry Potter wand there. $5. I could tell he wasn't thrilled with it. We tried both Target and Barnes and Nobles for a different option. Target had nothing and Barnes and Noble had a $50 exact replica of Voldemort's wand. Nice, but no way. So, we bought the $5 wand and went on our way. Right when he got out of the store he said "Man, I can't wait until we get to the car and I can open this!" and I took it out of it's package, handed it over and said "have at it!". And he walked through the whole rest of the mall in his own world throwing curses and spells out in every direction. God only knows what sorts of things were happening in the mall (in his head). I didn't think until the end that I should video it, so here's a short clip:

YouTube Video

I'm bummed I only caught a few seconds of it before he realized he was going the wrong way and turned around and saw me. When he saw me filming him I thought he would be embarrassed but instead he said "Were you videoing me? Cool, can I see it?". So, I also love that he sees nothing wrong with dancing through the mall with a pretend wand, wearing his jacket on his head like it's a hooded cloak.

He's an amazing kid. I'm a lucky mom.

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