Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Crazy girl

And a nice photobomb from Austin. Riley lost another tooth on Saturday night. She noticed it was loose at about 10am so I knew it would be out by bedtime. She is relentless when it comes to....well, most everything actually.

I haven't decided yet if that is a good or bad character trait.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

One Happy Ninja

Austin had his second karate tournament this morning. He chose to do his self-defenses (rather than forms). Rob and I both spent some time attacking him this week but he was still incredibly nervous for the event.

Rob gave me play by play texts (I stayed back with the girls).

In action :

And then finally I was sent this:

He tied for first!

He is very happy. We are very proud!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Spa Day

I'm a parenting genius.

I can't divulge my secrets, but I have somehow convinced my children that pampering me is a fun game. I wasn't sure if they bought into it after all these years of me brainwashing them until earlier this week.

After school, rather than going out to play they decided to host a "spa day" for me!

They filled a bucket with nice warm water so I could put my feet in it while Riley rubbed them. Ellie brushed my hair and rubbed lotion on my face and Austin brought me snacks and beverages. They also picked out some relaxing music for me.

And it was all their idea.

Life is good.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hello sunshine!

At the end of school last June Austin brought home a styrofoam cup filled with dirt and a sunflower seed. It didn't take long to sprout and before we knew it, it was big enough to put in our garden.

And then it seemed like nothing happened.

I mean, it grew, but didn't seem that crazy. Also, our garden isn't easily visible from our windows and porch so "out of sight out of mind" also came into play.

Until tonight.

Tonight Riley was outside playing and came running in yelling "there's a flower, there's a flower!" And we all went outside to find the above!

Austin hopes it makes it long enough to harvest some seeds. He's a proud little farmer!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lucky me

Today marks 15 years of marriage for Rob and I. A couple of people have told me "you guys make it look easy". It's not an act, I think it is easy. He makes it easy. I just happen to think he's the best.

Rob's traveling this week for work but sent me a nice bouquet and left me a hand-made card under my pillow.

We're going to celebrate when he gets back this weekend!

They Finally Crashed Our Party

I love the Minnesota State Fair, I love the people watching, the food, the slide, Ye’ Old Mill, shopping, and even watching the infomercial guys.  I could watch them for hours.  Mesmerizing.  I was delighted when the fair started this year.  Even more excited when my work offered us free tickets and $50 in food vouchers.  The only thing I was hesitant about was that this was the first year we were thinking about bringing the kids.  Up until now, the fair had been a sacred date day with Rob and the kids had stayed with my parents.

This year we decided to share the fun with them.  They really had no idea what to expect.  The closest we’ve come is the County fair which is NOT at all the same.  when we arrived they did’t seem too overwhelmed but I later found out they didn’t realize it was any bigger han the couple blocks we could see.  It wasn’t long before we saw a slushy machine and we were sitting down with our first snack.


It was a great day temperature-wise.  It threatened to rain all day so it never got very hot.  We walked up machinery hill aiming for Cinnie Smiths (and breakfast!).  We only got side-tracked a few time by the giant sing-a-long (Ellie) and the Pet Center (Riley and Ellie), and campers (Me). Add “campers” to my love the state fair list.  My kids loved them too.

We tried to hold on to some of our traditions and took the kids through the fine arts building where they appreciated some art and questioned others.


But, in general, we have no idea where the day went.  We did not go in the Creative Arts building, the coliseum, the grand stand, heritage square, or the international bazaar. We didn’t sit down to watch any music or shows.  We didn’t watch the lumberjack show or any horse competitions.

We did look at all the animals…which is something Rob and I usually skip.


The kids got to pet a newborn piglet and Riley was insistent on finding the largest boar.


And after we found the big pig, we saw the cattle and sheep and she narrowly escaped being side kicked by a passing cattle.  She laughed.  I had a heart attack.

We got there around 10am and left at 4pm due to a sleepover the girls needed (and wanted) to attend.  But I feel like I should get a d0-over this year.  Rob and I agreed that maybe bringing the kids would be an every other year event.  The kids do not think this is a good idea.  Good thing we have a year to think about it.


p.s. – The girls REALLY wanted to ride a sky tram thing and debated over which one it would be (the chairlift style or the capsule style).  We settled on the capsule style.  Approximately 15 seconds into the ride Riley clenched onto my leg and said “I forgot I don’t really like heights”.  Can you see the fear I her eyes?

p.p.s—my new idea of using that app on my ipad has its limitations.  I wrote this blog about a week or more ago and it just would not post via the app.  I guess it had too many pictures?  I had to re-type it all the old fashioned way.  We went to the fair August 28th.