Friday, August 21, 2015

Trying something new

Both Riley and I are trying something new. I'm trying to use a new app to update this blog. I think there is a chance I would update more frequently if I didn't need to rely on my computer to do so. This app will let me use my phone or iPad. The posts might not be as long, but are hopefully more frequent.

Onto more fun things...Riley is trying horse riding lessons. Yes, that's not new, but the place is. It's beautiful. Located in Jordan and she just had her first lesson today. She did some walking, trotting, posting, and steering. She's in love. After she finished I said "How was it Riley?" And she said "Fine...and by fine, I mean Awesome!"

A quick clip of her first trot (without posting)

YouTube Video

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Sue H said...

Awesome. And by "awesome", I mean AWESOME!!!