Saturday, August 22, 2015


I'm not sure why I waited so long, but I finally had the Smith girls over for a day of fun. Well, minus Addison. She goes to a daycare during the day, but Ashley and Katelyn stay at their house with their Nanny. I told Kelly to have the nanny drop the kids off at my house and then we agreed to meet up at Canterbury Park later that night to give them back their girls (and bet on some ponies).

We had a fun day. Austin and Katelyn played a fair amount of Minecraft together and the other three disappeared upstairs for the majority of the day. We took a break for lunch and then headed to the park for awhile before I agreed to take them to Minnesotas largest candy store. We got about 75% there before we had to turn around due to a construction back up. There were a few groans but I promised to take them all another day.

I don't think the ponies were favorable for anyone that night but it was fun to catch up with Dan and Kelly a bit. And Addison.

Next year I'll need to schedule these days before summer is almost over. Only two full weeks of summer left.....(that makes me sad).

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