Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bingo Fun

My Aunt Gretchen is in town recuperating at my parents house from a shoulder surgery. She usually comes to visit for a bit each summer and I thought this summer was not going to be in the cards because of her surgery, but the recovery was a bit worse than she anticipated and my parents drove out to Indiana to help her out and then decided it would be easier to just bring her back to MN with them.

Luckily, her shoulder surgery does not affect her daubing skills! Yesterday we were able to sneak away to Mystic for some matinee bingo. As a bonus, it was free dauber day. Not that I am short on daubers. I for some reason have about 8 of them, all of them are almost full. I guess when you only go to Bingo once a year daubers last a long time.

Neither of us won, but we still had a great time. I decided Mystic should have a "throwback" bingo day when electronic machines are not allowed. What fun is it to play bingo if all you have to do is watch a machine and yell "Bingo" when it tells you to. And furthermore, a note to the general public: If you get a Bingo, YELL it. Own it. These people who just raise there hand and barely claim "bingo" in a mumble voice drive me crazy.

I'll get off my Bingo soapbox now.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


I'm not sure why I waited so long, but I finally had the Smith girls over for a day of fun. Well, minus Addison. She goes to a daycare during the day, but Ashley and Katelyn stay at their house with their Nanny. I told Kelly to have the nanny drop the kids off at my house and then we agreed to meet up at Canterbury Park later that night to give them back their girls (and bet on some ponies).

We had a fun day. Austin and Katelyn played a fair amount of Minecraft together and the other three disappeared upstairs for the majority of the day. We took a break for lunch and then headed to the park for awhile before I agreed to take them to Minnesotas largest candy store. We got about 75% there before we had to turn around due to a construction back up. There were a few groans but I promised to take them all another day.

I don't think the ponies were favorable for anyone that night but it was fun to catch up with Dan and Kelly a bit. And Addison.

Next year I'll need to schedule these days before summer is almost over. Only two full weeks of summer left.....(that makes me sad).

Friday, August 21, 2015

Trying something new

Both Riley and I are trying something new. I'm trying to use a new app to update this blog. I think there is a chance I would update more frequently if I didn't need to rely on my computer to do so. This app will let me use my phone or iPad. The posts might not be as long, but are hopefully more frequent.

Onto more fun things...Riley is trying horse riding lessons. Yes, that's not new, but the place is. It's beautiful. Located in Jordan and she just had her first lesson today. She did some walking, trotting, posting, and steering. She's in love. After she finished I said "How was it Riley?" And she said "Fine...and by fine, I mean Awesome!"

A quick clip of her first trot (without posting)

YouTube Video