Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Kindergarten Graduation

I’ll get back to the rest of Costa Rica in a bit, but right now I need to update everyone about Friday’s events!  Riley had her kindergarten graduation!  She officially has 4 days left, but the ceremony was Friday.

Here’s our graduate walking in:


I think she is laughing at me because I could not find her (right in front of me).  I was not anticipating that she’d actually leave her jean  jacket on all day so I was looking for the turquoise dress, not the dark of the jacket.  Anyway, found her!

The place was packed for this event.  It was like a celebrity was in the gym with the amount of paparazzi hanging out.

They all sang their cute songs and then we snapped some pictures.

Here’s Riley with her class:


I think this is minus a few kids.

And Riley with her grandparents:


Austin and Ellie also came from their classes to watch the big event (but then afterwards they promptly disappeared to wander the halls talking to past teachers)

And there’s me and my baby girl:


Rob was pretty sad to miss this but he had planned his annual trip to watch the Braves with his dad and brothers months before we ever knew the date of kindergarten graduation.  I sent him plenty of pictures and Riley and Rob are going to have a special celebration together when he gets back.

Here’s Riley with her second mom:


She absolutely LOVES Mrs. Addler and is going to be really sad to not see her every day.

And a couple shots with some of her buddies from the year:



And one final piece of information she shared with me directly after the program….she lost her first tooth!  I was shocked only because it only became lose the night before.  She was so excited to have a loose tooth on Thursday night she must have wiggled it non-stop.  She said at lunchtime her friends and teacher told her to twist it and she did and then she just pulled it right out!  I thought Ellie was fast with her 3 days, but Riley has set a new record!  (Austin would go months with a loose tooth).

It’s been a fun weekend.  More later on how we ended it!

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