Thursday, June 11, 2015

Costa Rica Day #3-6

The last part of our trip was a lot of the same so I can bunch it all together in one long  post!

Rob and I woke early (6:30!) on Sunday to join a small group of people doing Yoga outside.  It was a good class and definitely had us sweating by the end.  It was like natures “hot yoga”.  Once we all had breakfast it was off to our next adventure.  We were taking those crazy roads back to Liberia and then even more west to our next resort on the Papagayo Peninsula.  I thought the drive back went a lot faster than the drive there but it probably wasn’t any different.

Our second resort was the Four Seasons resort.  Our room…or really, apartment, was amazing.  Right off the ocean with beautiful views and gorgeous sunsets each night.  We were a perfect distance from the pool.  Not too close to be bothered by any noise, but not so far as to need a golf cart to get there.  We arrived just in time to catch a  late lunch and soak up the end of a sunny day.  Since we were on a peninsula, we had ocean views all over.  One side was more of a bay with a little bit calmer waters and the other side had a little bit bigger waves.



On Monday the boys went and checked out the golf course on the resort.  I’m guessing it was probably the prettiest course either of them have ever played.  And much to the delight of Riley (whom we sent lots of pictures to) they saw plenty of monkeys! I bet they would have played this course every day if they could have.



For some reason my sleep/wake clock was all messed up on this trip (even though they are CST).  So, each morning I’d wake up too early but I’d go for a hike up to the private homes to try to find the monkeys.  I say hike because the hills were ridiculous.  And on every hike I would get the bejeezus scared out of me by a giant iguana I didn’t see until he scampered away right next to me.



We spent the majority of our days and afternoons hanging out pool-side.  We did take a road trip to Coco Beach one morning.  This is where we got all our souvenirs in their markets.  We stayed long enough to have some snacks and drinks and headed back.  It was a good place to get our shopping done but otherwise wasn’t much.


On Monday and Tuesday the activities people told us the waves and current were too strong for any ocean activities but on Wednesday we suited up for Stand-Up Paddleboarding.  It’s something I’ve been anxious to try for a couple years so I was happy to finally have a shot.  I have a bit of a fear regarding the ocean.  I guess I’ve watched too many nature shows with Austin!  I just don’t like not knowing what’s lurking in the sand or water around me.  But I was able to get past the fear and head out there.  Once I got over the waves coming in I was happy to be able to stand pretty quick.  Then it was a quick adjustment to figure out how to steer it and I was on my way.  Kerry and Rob also went out there with me.  Kerry also started maneuvering around right away but Rob had a bit of an issue.  He said he did not stay standing for more than a minute total.  I think he spent a lot of his time paddling on his knees.  We think now that maybe he was just too heavy for their boards.  Anyway, as we were paddling along I took a few glances into the water (it’s harder to balance if you look down) and I saw something spotted swimming below me and realized it was a sting ray.  Yikes.  I tried to tell Kerry to come over and check it out and he yelled back that he had just seen a barracuda.  That pretty much solidified my thoughts that there was no way in hell I was going to fall off the board!  I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to try again some day.




After paddle boarding it was time to try snorkeling.  I don’t have a good history with this.  I have been 3 times and all 3 times I have spent the rest of the night and the majority of the next day puking.  I never knew if it was due to the waves/seasickness or too much salt water, or just too much sun.  But, I think I have it figured out now.  Shelly and Kerry have very nice snorkeling gear they brought with and Shelly had been skipping paddle boarding and snorkeling because she was getting nauseous just sitting in the waves on Tuesday.  So, I used her gear and went out snorkeling for about 20-30 minutes.  Well, I decided to go back in because I didn’t think the motion was too much and I thought Shelly should go out and try it.  So, I brought the stuff back to her, told her to go out there and then I headed to the pool.  I got to the pool, laid down, and everything just started to spin.  Yuck.  I didn’t puke this time, but I’m fairly certain it’s seasickness that will keep me from a snorkeling career.   But Rob and Kerry said they saw lots of cool stuff so I’m a bit jealous.  I had Rob tell Shelly that I took back my suggestion and that she definitely should not go out there!

Most of all, we just really enjoyed hanging out and relaxing.





Sadly, on Thursday we had to go back home.  I don’t think any of us were ready.  You know how sometimes you’re just ready to head home from a vacation?  Well, we were not.  It was just a perfect trip.  (Well, aside from Kerry’s hectic beginning).  The places we stayed were wonderful, the activities were great, the rest was great, the company was awesome….I got to practice some Spanish.  I’m looking forward to returning many times.  I know the kids are itching to go but it’ll be awhile before we take them.  I think you have to be 10 to zipline so we have at least 4 more years before Riley gets there!

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