Sunday, May 17, 2015

Track & Field Day 2015

This year we had both Ellie and Austin’s track and field days on the same day.  We started at 9:45 with Ellie’s second grade class.  After sitting down in our seats for only 5 minutes we knew we were not dressed appropriately.  Even though we all had long pants and jackets, we called my dad to bring us more blankets (Grandma and Grandpa Smith split up the cheering duties so Grandma was with us while Grandpa tiled the kitchen backsplash).  Even with the extra blankets it was a drizzly, freezing mess.

But Ellie and the rest of the students were all too excited to notice so we had to suck it up too!

First up for Ellie was the shoe kick:


that’s her shoe flying through the air at the top of the picture.  She actually practiced a bit in the yard the night before.  I think she came in 2nd for this.

Next up was the hurdles, which she placed 3rd in and I did not get a good shot of this action.

After the running events were the more funny events.  The options were sack race, tire roll, hippity hop, and hula hoop.  Ellie chose the sack race.


She came in second for this race too.  She was pretty excited with her three bracelets (you get colored bracelets instead of ribbons at Eagle Creek).  But the best was yet to come as all the classes battled it out in the tug of war.


Ellie has a pretty tiny class so I was worried they were going to go down pretty fast but I guess what they lack in size they make up in might.  Her class actually went undefeated and took home the championship trophy after four rounds.


It is so fun to watch these kids give it everything they’ve got in these tug of wars, and even more fun is to watch some of the teachers as they coach and cheer them on from the side.

After congratulating Ellie and her friends we headed home to warm up, eat lunch, and put on more layers!  We went back at 1:45 for the start of Austin’s.  At first I thought we were going to be fine temperature-wise since we all added several layers to our wardrobes, but after a few light rain showers we were no better off.  But, once again, the kids couldn’t have cared less so on with the show!

Austin’s first event was the Fling sock.  I believe he came in 4th.


After the fling sock it was back to the running events were he placed 2nd in the hurdles.  I think it’s his favorite.  And once again, I don’t have a picture of the hurdles….I must cheer a lot during that event!

After hurdles he did the hippity hop.


He bounced himself right off after his first few hops but rallied for 3rd.  I love this picture and the smile on his face because what I’m most proud of for Austin is that this year I think he finally was able to let go of his fear of losing (a little bit) this year.  I could tell he was able to just enjoy the day and not worry about whether or not he had earned any bracelets yet.

I think right as the 4th graders started their tug of war, the rain started in a bit more.  The adults were all quietly hoping for a cancellation but the students were cheering louder than ever.


After two quick wins things were looking good for Mr. Wieners 4th graders.


And just like Ellie’s team, they ended up undefeated and champions of the world!

What felt like dreary and cold day ended up being a great day for the kids! And after a steamy 30 minute shower I was able to stop shivering.

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