Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Costa Rica–Day 2



Since we were up at 3:00am the day before and travelled until about 4pm, we were pretty tired and all went to bed early in hopes of Kerry making it safe to our hotel.  I think I woke up at about midnight and thought…”what if he still isn’t here, had car trouble (or worse) but couldn’t get ahold of any of us because we were dead asleep”…I checked my phone and Rob’s phone, saw no missed texts/calls so I just went back to bed assuming the best.  We were happy to see him in the morning ready to go!

Our hotel in La Fortuna  (Arenal Springs Resort and Spa) was great!  La Fortuna is situated close to the Arenal volcano so the area is well known for their natural hot springs.  It’s a popular tourist stop to visit the natural springs, but I opted to find us a hotel that had it’s own springs.  I’m sure it isn’t quite as “natural” as the real thing, but they claim they leave all the natural minerals and what not in the water.  A lot of the hotels in the area are made up of many small cabins rather than one large building.  Our cabin was recently upgraded.  The main bedroom had the above spa or “personal hot springs” as the bell boy said.  I’m not sure anyone would really take the time to fill that thing up.  It was huge.  The same bedroom also had an outdoor shower, and indoor shower, another Jacuzzi in the bathroom and a large sitting area.  The adjoining room was also a nice sized room with it’s own full bath.  Hammocks for each of us and beautiful views! 

We were all up pretty early so breakfast, and coffee, was first on our list!


Kerry cracked open this unknown (at the time) fruit to find a slimy glob of seeds.  We did ask what it was before he tried it, but even knowing what it was, I’m not sure I would have been able to eat it.  He said it was delicious (it was Passion fruit).

We had reservations for our zip-lining tour on this 2nd day.  It was about 25 minutes from our hotel and the majority of the drive is a pot-hole ridden dirt road.  Horrible conditions, but I think  Rob truly enjoyed the drive.  We had a large SUV with full coverage insurance so he took the road at a good speed and passed several cars going way too slow!

We zip-lined with Sky Adventures in Arenal.  Here are the stats on the zip lines:

  • Sky Tram: 4100 ft. (1250 m.)
  • Zip Lines: 8
  • The longest cable is 2493 ft. (760 m.)
  • The highest cable is 656 ft. (200 m.)
  • Duration: 2.5 Hour Tour
  • Located in the Rain Forest
  • Average Temperature: 82 °F. (28 °C.)
  • Wind Speeds: Up to 10 mi/h (16 km/h)
  • Altitude: 2460 ft. (750 m.)

A brief safety lesson and we were on our way!


First we take a tram up to the top.  I tried to use my mad Spanish skillz with the guide, but was only half successful.  I realized that for the most part I am understood, but then they rattle something off back to me in Spanish and I get lost in the first few words.  It’s still fun to try.

Here’s a picture of all of us after the first real cable (there is a small practice one before a crazy plunge over the ravine).  The guy taking our picture couldn’t stop shaking.  Interestingly enough, Rob actually had a work connection with him.  Rob always find someone he knows…and although he didn’t “know” this guy, it still counts in my book. 


Last time I was at this place they told me they were making a bar towards the end of the zip line tour.  I thought they were joking since the guides tend to make a lot of jokes.  But, they weren’t because this time they  had the bar.  As of now they were just offering us some fruit juices, but it was cool anyway, a good place for a photo op I guess.


Careful not to take a big step back!

It would be fun to take some pictures while ziplinging but I would be way to scared of dropping my camera.  But, the views are absolutely amazing.  And, we got a rare glimpse of the top of the volcano while we were there.


We all thoroughly enjoyed the zip-lines!  We headed back to the town of La Fortuna afterwards to walk around a bit and grab a bite to eat.  Shelly took another great picture of the volcano over the town.


After all the excitement it was great to go back to the hotel and relax in the hot springs.  We had some sushi poolside and I made friends with the waitress who didn’t speak much English….more Spanish practice.  Everyone we met in Costa Rica was very nice and helpful.  Pura Vida!

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