Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Once again I’m behind.  Rather than catch-up (we had a fantastic trip to Florida mid-February) I’m just going to continue on with what’s happening right now.  Right now I’m beginning to feel like we have a lot of activities going on.  I know that we’re probably no where near what other families contend with, but it’s busier than usual.

Austin is still working on Karate.  He’s an advanced red belt right now and he’s really hoping to get his final stripe soon so he can graduate to a brown belt.  Only three belts left!  The other day he was the highest level belt in class so he was in charge of leading the stretches before class.  I think he thought that was pretty cool.


Ellie and Riley started their very first session of basketball.  We kind of joined at the end of the season so even if they like it, we’ll be done for almost a year.  And I do think they like it.  They especially like that Rob is their coach.  Rob likes it too.  I had heard from some other parents of girls that the Y program was great, but that the kids are getting to an age where the boys don’t want to pass to the girls, and there are rarely any girls on the teams so your daughter might end up never getting the ball.  Well, I did my best to recruit some friends for the girls and we ended up putting together a team that is 50% girls all from our street.


We since bought a basketball hoop for our driveway.  Both girls, and even Austin a bit, have been out shooting for a little bit each day.  The girls want it on the lowest setting and Austin wants it a little higher so it’s nice that it’s fairly easy to adjust.  Actually, before our recent snow storm we’ve all been out there shooting pretty regularly.  If only the regulation height was 7 feet, I think I could have gone pro!

Riley has been going regularly to gymnastics.  Last summer all 3 kids took a trampoline/tumbling class.  They enjoyed it enough that they all signed up for the first part of the school year.  Then I think midway through the 3rd session Austin got his concussion so they gave me some money back in a giftcard.  For the 4th session Ellie and Austin decided to quit, but I had a lot of money to use on the giftcard so I convinced Riley to try regular gymnastics on her own.  That was kind of a big deal for her because she always has her sister with her in the activities she tries.  She enjoyed that session, did another, didn’t like that one, but I had already signed her up for another because she’s good at it.  She is freakishly strong.  To keep her engaged in her sessions, we set up a goal that she reach the top of the climbing rope.  When she reached the top we’d all go to Dairy Queen to celebrate. The rope is ~20 feet tall and at the beginning of this session she could climb up about 8 feet.  But, last Monday she got it!  It’s a horrible picture because I wasn’t ready, but here it is:3

I was afraid that she’d want to quit now that she achieved her goal but she hasn’t said anything yet.  We’ll just come up with a new goal.

Add piano lessons and homework to the mix and we’re staying busy.  We try to get all activities done by 6pm so when Rob gets home we can all just sit down and eat and relax.  With summer upon us (yes…it is coming), we’re looking at adding a few camps into the mix.