Monday, February 2, 2015

Winter Carnival

Last weekend, pre-appendicitis, we spent the morning at the St. Paul Winter Carnival.  I used to go to this a lot with my aunt and Grandma and I always enjoyed it and I thought our kids might too.  So, after swimming lessons we piled in the car and make the trek to St. Paul to check things out.  It’s not really a trek, but anything longer than 10 minutes in the car seems like forever to Riley. 

It was a beautiful day out but each kid in our car was grumbling about my idea of fun.  Fortunately, right before we turned into our parking ramp Riley spotted some ponies and her day was looking up!


Ellie also joined in on the horse action.  After all, the girls have been checking out horse books from the library because they decided that instead of opening up a cupcake shop when they’re adults, they are instead going to run a horse farm and give rides to kids.  So, in the name of research, Ellie decided to also get a ride.


Once we were done horsin’ around we headed over to the sculptures.  They were just finishing up a couple of them, and the sun was not helping any of them.  Inside the sculpture garden we found the Ice Slide that was advertised….quite a bit smaller than I envisioned, but the kids tried it out many times, none the less.


Down the slide into a pile of mud.  Nice.

And Austin found a nice place to practice his Gallum impersonation. 


We found an ice stage where I intended to get a nice picture of my kids, but instead received this:


But, there was King Borealis’ throne inside the sculpture garden and we did manage one normal picture, under Austin’s protests.


As for the actual sculptures, this was my favorite:


And about 10 minutes after we took this picture, it collapsed.  The sun ruined a couple pieces while we were there.  That’s the judge in the background so it was scored just in the knick of time!  I’ve been trying to find out the results with no success.

We had a fun afternoon after all and the kids declared I may know a thing or two about planning fun activities.  I’m sure they’ll promptly forget that the next time I suggest something.