Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Super Quick Christmas Review

Since I’m already getting behind on the blog again, here is the abridged version of our Christmas festivities:

We started off the weekend before Christmas with the Smith Family Christmas at my parents house.  With enough food and alcohol to last us at least a week it always promises to be a good time.  Kerry and Maddie started us off with a piano duet.  Apparently, until this actual performance, they had never made it from start to finish.  You would never know as they made it seem effortless.  It was an awesome arrangement of Sleigh Ride. I wish I had a video instead of a picture, but nonetheless:


After the performance we started binge eating which extremely quickly led us to this:


and this:



Who are these people?  I know that us Smith kids all have trouble sleeping, but if this is seriously how my siblings attempt to sleep then I’m pretty sure I can diagnose their issues.  I am the only normal one.

After our Smith Christmas we celebrated at home on real Christmas.  We all drew names this year and purchased gifts for each other with the intent of opening them on Christmas Eve.  Well, by 11am (maybe 10 even) Riley had convinced us we should open our gifts.  So, we had a little celebration mid-day on Christmas Eve.  We all got in PJs and watched some Christmas movies and then the kids were eager to go to sleep.  The sooner you sleep, the sooner Santa comes.  They were all up by 7am if not earlier and periodically checking on Rob and I to see if we were stirring.  They finally caught me flinching and deemed us all awake.  Some of us were more awake than others….like these three:


Santa was fairly generous and brought us all an Xbox One and everyone, including Rob and I, also got a game to go with it.  Unfortunately there are some scrooges in the world who did their best to thwart our merrymaking by hacking into the Xbox cyber-land making it almost impossible to use our new toy.  Jerks.  We made the best of it and enjoyed all our other new toys and games.  I think Ellie played at least 3 games of Life this day…and I think she won every single game.  And, that is a LONG game.

The day after Christmas we headed to West Bend for the Runchey family Christmas!  Most everyone arrived on Friday night and it quickly resembled the Smith Family Christmas:


Except the Runchey’s sleep in normal positions.

That’s Rob next to me (slightly snoring) and Kerry and Shelly on the ground (not snoring…yet).  Bob is tucked away behind Patti taking a snooze and Jon and Patti are checking something out online. 

Once everyone was rested we spent the next 48 hours playing games:


I like this picture a lot for some reason.  Everyone is so intent on the game (Blokus, which is very fun!) except Jon, who held his grin nicely while I fiddled around with my camera setting.  Thanks Jon.  We also had some marathon runs of Pegs and Jokers.  One 6 player game was particularly intense until we had to take a time out for a meal.  We carefully set it off to the side so we could take it up again later, only to find that Mckinley had found or unorganized mess of pegs all over the board and took it upon herself to rearrange them nicely by color where they belonged.  Oops.

As usual we had a wonderful Christmas wherever we were celebrating.  I just love being our family.  They’re the best.

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