Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sunday Funday

One of the games we received with the Xbox was Sports Rivals.  With this game, we can challenge each other to bowling, tennis, soccer, rock climbing and a few other sports.  The Xbox uses the Kinect sensor to watch everyone’s movements and that is how you control the game.  So, in bowling, you pretend to grab the ball, hold it in front of you, and make the normal bowling movements.  It makes the ball roll down the lane depending on how fast you moved, whether or not you twisted your hand to spin it, etc.  It obviously has some flaws, but for the most part it’s fun and decently accurate.  Anyway, we have been having a few bowling challenges since Christmas and this past Sunday we decided to head to the lanes to try the real thing.

Apparently Sunday is $1 bowling in Shakopee until noon.  We found the place rather full, but they did have a lane open for us.  We all got suited up with our fancy shoes and picked out our balls. 


The kids each grabbed a 6 pounder from behind the desk.  Ellie was extremely disappointed that the 6 pound balls were all “puke green” instead of the beautiful hot pinks she saw everyone else selecting.  She was able to eventually look past that and enjoy her game.

Austin was particularly grumbly about our bowling adventure.  Though he will never admit it, he is quite competitive and wants to be good at everything he tries upon his first attempt.  This makes trying new things very much not fun for him.  He was happy to see that all the kids could use bumpers, that helped tremendously.  He started to get the hang of it once he decided to not “play it cool”.  For awhile he was trying to pool with one hand in his pocket.  It was not pretty.  Eventually we got to this:



And he did get one or two balls down the entire lane without hitting a bumper.  The girls did not.  But, they had a blast from the start.  None of them wanted to “granny roll” the ball down the lane and we were concerned a couple of the balls were never going to make it all the way down, but they all eventually did.

We did learn an interesting tidbit though.  Apparently, recovering Achilles tendon patients are not good bowlers.  Now we know.  I told Rob he might have been better off learning to bowl with his left hand, thereby making his right foot the last step in the sequence, which could then hold all his weight instead of his left.  He did not attempt this.


Here’s our scores, top to bottom is: Ellie, Riley, Austin, Rob, Me.  To be fair to Rob, the kids did have bumpers and he did not.  Maybe we will put them up for him next time.  And the girls have already requested a “next time”.  I think Ellie was impressed with the bowling lane food selection.  It’s all right up her “alley”!

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