Friday, January 23, 2015

Recruiting New Members

Wednesday I did my best to recruit a new member to my cross-country ski team. 


She’s smiling in the picture so that’s a good sign I think.  But, following our loop she did admit she was undecided about her membership to my exclusive club.  We exchanged her skis (which were longer than mine) for a shorter version to see if that improved her glide, and I think it did.  I’m hoping after another loop with shorter skis she will be ready to commit.  I think our first club action should be to ditch the downhill ski attire for sleek looking ski tights and cute hats.  If nothing else, we’ll look like we know what we’re doing.

1 comment:

Sue H said...

You are so right...skiing is all about looking cute and sleek. Can't wait to see the new & improved pix!