Thursday, January 29, 2015

Didn’t see that coming!

No school (again) this past Monday so we enjoyed our day off.  I took the kids to Edinborough park:


(That’s not Austin in the picture).  I’m not sure where they are in the picture, but they’re in there somewhere.  We met our neighbor friends there and spent a little over 2 hours running through the park and gym.  Well, they ran, I observed.

Then it was home for lunch and some more playing.  Overall, a typical day off.  Come the evening everyone seemed a little tired and Austin complained of a stomach ache, but I figured that was to be expected since we had a full day and the threat of school the next day sometimes leaves the kids with mysterious ailments.

That night/morning, Austin came in our room at 3am complaining that his stomach still hurt and he felt like he had to “go” but couldn’t.  I let him rest with me for a bit and then sent him back to his room at 4am with the promise of lots of fiber with his breakfast.  At 7am he came back in wondering if he could have that fiber yet.  Meanwhile the girls both got ready for school and I told Austin he could stay home with me until he got the job done since he seemed to be in a bit of pain and I figured he wouldn’t be able to concentrate at school anyway and he’d probably end up at the nurse, and frankly, I’m tired of hearing from the nurse.  Anyway, so he stayed, the girls went.  Then he “went” and I asked if he was feeling better and he said he was but that he was tired.  I told him he could take a nap for a bit and then I’d take him to school.  But, he slept for a long time.  By the time he was awake there wasn’t much point in him going to school. 

When the girls got back home I was looking at Austin who was hunched over on the counter and thought he looked like he was maybe a little sick after all so I took his temp and he did have a mild fever.  I told him to go rest on the couch and he walked to the couch hunched over like an old man.  I got the girls started on homework and then thought….hmmm….stomach ache, fever, no appetite.  And his pain was worse when he moved.  I asked him where his stomach hurt and it was his lower right side.  I pushed on his side a bit and he confirmed with his wincing that I hit the target.

I ended up sending the girls to a neighbors and Austin and I headed to the ER.  They took him straight back, did an ultrasound, confirmed appendicitis and prepped him for surgery.  We got to the ER at 4:45ish and his surgery was at 6:30…pretty quick I thought.  He did great and was in his hospital room feeling MUCH better by 8:30 that evening. 


After Rob left I got him all cozied up for bedtime but all that sleep during the day left him wide awake!  He asked the nurse at 11pm if he could have some crackers and broth.  A little (almost) midnight snack while he watched TV.  Finally around 11:30 I told him we had to go to sleep.  Only to be woken up by the changing of nurses at midnight, and then again every hour on the hour (for me).  Austin slept well, ordered breakfast in the morning (he woke up at 5:30!) and deemed the whole experience “kind of fun”.  He enjoyed being waited on, thought his bed was kind of comfy, and thought watching TV with me all day was entertaining.  The surgeon came to see him around 9:15 and said we could go home.  The nurse said she’d just print the papers and we’d be on our way.  At 11:15 we were still there.  Apparently the surgeon forgot to actually electronically sign off on it all and she got busy with other things.  I hate hospital checkouts….they never go as fast as I think she should.

Austin got on the couch and got right to work on some of the “get well” gifts that he received.


We laid around most of the day.  He got his appetite back too.

He is going to stay home with me the rest of the week. Though I think by tomorrow he’d probably be ready to go back.  To his dismay, his teacher sent home enough homework to keep him busy  for a week.  I guess it’s nice to know how much they accomplish in 4 days of school.  He’ll work through it but we might have to stop for some lego building and movies here and there.  It’s not everyday I get one on one time with this guy.

I think Rob is happy to not be in charge of the mornings.  He was a little nervous about doing the girls’ hair but I assured him he could just comb it and they’d be fine.  The girls came home and informed him “You gave me too much food in my lunch, and you put both lunch boxes in my bag so I had to run to Riley’s classroom in the morning, and I didn’t get my binder in my bag…..”.  He said “But your hair was combed!”

We’re happy Austin is doing great and we only had a hiccup in our routines for one night.

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