Thursday, December 18, 2014

Santa through the years







2008 (remember this?)













2014 - 1

This year we went back to the mall Santa because I didn’t plan well and the awesome (and free!)  Bachman’s Santa had a tight schedule.  This Santa was still great and the kids enjoyed their visit….but their customer service was pretty bad and with only 12 (probably less) families in front of us, we waited over an hour.  Kind of takes the fun out of a Santa visit.  Next year we’ll be going to Bachman’s the weekend after Thanksgiving to beat the rush.  Also I thought I was done Christmas shopping and apparently I am not.  Another reason to visit early!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Time to Catch Up

I always thought once all the kids were in school that I would be a blogging machine.  I’d have all this extra time and life would be smooth.  I’m sad to report that is not the case.  Most days, before I realize it, it is 1pm and I haven’t even eaten lunch.  Some days it’s because I’ve been running around and other days it’s because I got involved in a project and just lost track of time.  Either way, I am enjoying each and every day.  I’m only slightly worried for the upcoming holiday break from school.  It seems I have lost my high tolerance for kid craziness and I’m afraid I’ll be ready to ship them back to school after only a couple days.  Note to my neighbor ladies:  Let the happy hours ensue!

So, in no certain order, here is a recap of the last month or two (or maybe three?).  I just grabbed some random pictures off my phone to give you all an update.



Okay, so I guess this doesn’t really have much to do with us, but this guy has shown up on our house and in our backyard mountain multiple times.  This picture does not do his/her size justice.  It sat on our roof for over 4 hours one afternoon.  It’s a snowy owl.  The kids and I looked it up.



Our porch is done!  It was finished either late September or early October. I can’t remember.  But we LOVE it!  It is my favorite spot in the house.  The kids love to curl up on our lamb skin rug in front of the fireplace.  The floor is toasty warm, the couch is great for napping, and when it’s snowing you feel like you’re in a snow globe.  Special thanks to all my family who helped us with the floor and my mom who handled the curtains!  LOVE it!



Mia (and her parents) came to visit the day after Thanksgiving!  Ahhhh, young love.  These two are so fun together!  They pick up exactly wherever they left off and have so much fun together.  They are inseparable the second she walks in the door.


Austin, though he’d never say anything, just loves the extra attention he gets from her.  There’s an extra twinkle in his eye when she’s around. It’s very cute.



My kids are wearing out their welcome at my parents house.  And for the record, that’s me saying that, not my parents.  They seem to have endless patience and energy for them.  The first weekend in December the kids slept over while we attended Kerry and Mike’s card party.  The second weekend they slept over while we attended Rob’s work party.  This Friday they will stay again while we host a neighborhood party for the adults at our house. And just to round things out, my parents are watching them again on Monday night when Rob and I head to “Motown the Musical”.  This is Grandpa taking a beating.  Grandma is more the crafty type and is teaching my kids about different art techniques by drawing Digimon with them.



We all went to see Rudolph the Musical at Stages Theater.  It was very cute, very much like the movie.  The kids really enjoyed it (especially when I caved and bought them each a stuffed animal….I’m a sucker).  We’ll get some good use out of these fancy duds tonight when we go visit Santa and then out to a fancy dinner.  Friday, Riley will wear her dress for her kindergarten holiday performance.  And, if they stop growing maybe again in the spring for the piano recital.



She is funny.  These kids make me laugh on a daily basis.  Life is good.



I’ve been knitting up a storm.  I made a hat for Ellie, a poncho and hat for our neighbor girls’ American Girl Doll, and I recently finished these two pair of boot cuffs for teacher gifts.  I made the tan ones first and decided that I don’t like cabling that much (but like the look) so I picked a different pattern for the second (gray) pair and it turned out to be much more work.  My fingers hurt.  But they’re done.  I’m not sure what is next on my list, maybe something for myself?



Christmas movies are in full swing around here.  We touched on all the standard kid films and are delving a little deeper into our collection.  This year we have debuted “White Christmas” for the kids.  Riley loves it.  The other two only like it.  Here is Ellie and Riley reenacting the last scene per Riley’s request.  Great movie, less great when Riley asks 800 questions.  “Do they have a crush on each other?”  “Why is she mad?”  “Did he really break his leg?” “Does buttermilk really give you good dreams?”  etc. 


And that’s it.  I mean, that’s not it, but that’s what I’ve got for now.  I’m missing lots of other things, probably some more important than an owl landing on our house, but off the top of my head, that’s what’s going on.  I’m hoping the snow sticks around for awhile, I’d like to use my cross country skis soon and I just bought some ice skates so I can use the rink across the street with the kids….so long as it doesn’t become 45 degrees again!  I’ll try to do a bit better at keeping this up to date!