Friday, October 24, 2014

My boys

Time for a long overdue update.  This one is specifically about the males in my life.  First, Rob.

On August 8th, Rob did not have to go to work but being the overachiever he is, he got up at 5:45am and drove to the gym (20 min away) to play basketball.  He had started playing with a bunch of guys there early in the morning a few times a week.  He had not played at all that week yet because his achilles were feeling tight.  But, that morning he decided to give it a shot.  He did some light jogging, felt good, so on with the game!  Towards the end of the game he was driving to the hoop and thought someone hit him in the back of his leg.  And the rest is history.  He ruptured his Achilles tendon.  The guys in the gym said they heard it happen (gross!).  They wheeled him to his car, he drove home (it was his left leg) and then called me from the garage to see if I could help him into the house.  Kerry came over to watch the kids, and then we went to Tria.


The doctor confirmed what Rob thought and then we went and visited a surgeon to get his opinion.  Basically you can choose to have it repaired, or you can choose to let it heal on it’s own.  He said both options work, both take about the same amount of time, but healing on it’s own “might” not heal correctly, and then you’d have to have a much more invasive surgery to fix it.  Since Rob plans to continue playing basketball when he is healed, the surgeon suggested he have surgery.  Which brings us to August 21st:


Once he got his muscle relaxer (or something like that), Rob was the chattiest I think I’ve ever seen him.  He was trying to convince the nurses and surgeon that it was not his age or tight tendons that caused this, but his explosive athleticism.  The politely agreed.

So, now he is 2.5 months post injury and was just cleared to stop using his boot.  He even got on a bike at the gym yesterday (but he was pretty sore afterwards).  All in all, I think he’s doing really well.  I’m sure he wishes he was doing even better but he has taken everything in stride.  He’s a pretty active guy so I’m sure it has not been easy to be sidelined for the last 2 months.  Hopefully in another 2 months he’ll be feeling really good.

Meanwhile, the little man in my life had his own run in…..literally.  He ran into a tree.  The actual events are not completely clear since no one saw it happen.  But, I was there (50 feet away) and all his classmates and teacher were also right there.  The story, we believe, is this:  Austin’s class was outside taking a picture for “Anti-bullying day” and afterwards they all went to grab their jackets on the ground.  It was insanely windy that day so his jacket blew off his head and he quickly bent down to grab it and then on his way back to standing and running to catch up he ran into a tree.  His teacher sent him to the nurse and then came and told me what happened.  Mr. Wiener didn’t think he was hurt badly so I didn’t want to run in there and be “Mama Bear” so I waited until my volunteering duty was on break and then went and checked on him.  The nurse was running him through the concussion tests and he was doing fine so we both agreed he’d put a pack of ice on his head for 15 minutes and then go back to class.  Austin seemed fine with that plan.  An hour later I came up to the office from my other volunteering and was told the nurse wanted to see me.  Austin had come back and was “not doing well”.  I pulled back the curtain and he was moaning/sleeping on the cot.  I tried to wake him up and he just started crying and said “I just can’t talk very well”….only it was totally slurred because the left side of his face couldn’t move.  He was drooling and couldn’t sit up….he was a mess.  I ran to grab my car, had the nurse wheel him out to me and basically threw some car seats at another mom and asked her to take my girls home.  He couldn’t stay awake the whole way to the ER but did walk in with my help.  The nurse brought him immediately back to the ER and then he had a CT scan.  Thankfully that came back clear.  So they said we could just let him sleep.  But he was out of it!


He’d wake up for about 90 seconds if he heard my voice or Rob’s voice but didn’t stir for the nurses or Dr.  He also kept vomiting.  Eventually the Dr. said he wanted to keep him overnight because he was still vomiting (after Zofran) and still so sleepy.  But, he said he’d like to give him an IV too.  We figured we’d be there for awhile yet and by now it was 6pm and Rob hadn’t eaten anything most of the day (and had just gotten there from his own PT appointment).  So, I ran home to get him something to eat and when I got back Austin had gotten his IV.  Rob said that didn’t go over really well and that Austin put up quite a fight.  But the fight and the IV must’ve worked because this is what I came back to:


We did get to come home that night and Austin pretty much went right to bed.  The next morning he seemed fine.  Because Maddie recently had a concussion, we knew we weren’t supposed to let him watch TV, or anything with a screen, no running or anything more than a walk.  He listened to a book on tape for most of the day.


So, he is now 3 weeks post-concussion and to us, he seems fine.  He is eager to get back to his normal activities but his physical therapist (and recently his new occupational therapist) still want to restrict his activity.  Apparently, there is some problems with his left eye (that’s the side of his head he hit) tracking objects.  So, we’ve been going to PT 2-3 times per week and she said he’s making good progress.  He no longer has any stiffness in his back/neck, he no longer gets any headaches during the day, and he hasn’t felt dizzy lately.  So, now during his visits she is working on increasing his heart rate more and more and then we have to see how his head feels in the next 24 hours.  A lot of his visits have been in the morning before school, but sometimes they are after school, which means bringing the girls.  But, Riley LOVES this because the office has a therapy dog.  His name is Mason and Riley is in love:


So, my boys are healing well.  Us girls are trying to be patient with their inability to do anything, but we have been having some good times with game nights.  Austin is the new Trivial Pursuit master in our house.

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