Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Our Weekend

We had a really great weekend.  It encompassed a little bit of everything. 

This year we decided to purchase season passes to Valleyfair.  I think it’s something most of the families around here have done for a long time but it has just never made sense for us.  In the past, due to  the height restrictions I couldn’t be the chaperone for more than one of my kids at a time and it’s not like I could just leave the other two standing there while I rode a ride with one child.  Furthermore, Rob doesn’t like rides so I wasn’t counting on him going with us much.  Fast forward to this year and Austin no longer needs a chaperone for most of the rides and the girls can go on almost all the kiddie rides without me.  Plus, we committed to going at least once with some summer visitors we are having and if we go just one more time, the season pass pays for itself.  Long story short, we are now season pass holders to Valleyfair and we’ve already gone twice!  Friday night we were just going to go to get our photos taken for our IDs but not stay for any rides.

Well, that turned into the photos taken, touring Dinosaurs Alive, playing in the ball playhouse, riding a couple rides and having some mini donuts.


And a quick visit with Snoopy.  Austin grudgingly posed for this picture with Snoopy on the premise that it would be the only one all summer I would make him participate in.  However, when Woodstock later came out to visit and the girls gleefully hugged him Austin said “Well, I suppose since he’s my favorite character I will hug him too.” and then shuffled over to him for a hug.  For the record, I’m fairly certain Austin has never mentioned Woodstock in his life or even knew his name. 

Saturday the kids eagerly awaited the arrival of Grandma and Grandpa Runchey!  When they got to our house we went to karate to grab Austin and then all headed to El Toro for a yummy lunch!  We watched a movie after lunch (some of us, namely me, took a quick cat nap) and then Rob and I headed out to a Hawaiian themed party at the CEOs house.  They had a pig roast, which I had never seen before.


It took the chef about an hour to carve the pig and prepare all the meat but it was delicious and worth the wait!  It was a perfect night for an outdoor party on Lake Minnetonka!

Sunday morning we had donuts and, after a tearful good-bye to the Grandparents, Rob and Riley headed back to Valleyfair for their “date night”.  Lucky for Rob, and Rob’s ride-hating stomach, Riley ran into one of our neighbors, Elly, and rode most of the rides with her.


Picture Rob and his legs in that car….it’s been done and it’s funny.

While they were seeking thrills at Valleyfair Austin, Ellie and I were relaxing on the deck at home.  I decided it was the perfect weather to sit out on the deck with a good book and I was soon joined by these guys.



Austin was really enjoying his book but Ellie only lasted about 30 minutes and then decided to play “waitress”.  She opened up a café called “Ellie’s Buffet” and served us Nilla wafers with chocolate sauce, Goldfish crackers covered in Fruit Roll-ups, and water.  The service was amazing.

Once Riley and Rob rejoined the group we headed out to get the plants for our garden and the girls decided to plant more flowers in the front yard.


The weekend ended up being the perfect blend of productivity, fun, and relaxation.  I hope more of the same are in our future!

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