Monday, May 5, 2014

Our Weekend

After a long week of rain, it was nice to have a break in the clouds to get outside!  We had a busy weekend but it was a lot of fun.  Friday, after being cooped up inside all week, the kids spent most of the afternoon outside with friends.  Riley even busted out the kite she received for her birthday last August.  Better late than never!


On Saturday Austin went to karate in the morning and then Ellie had a friend over in the afternoon.  They ran around playing a lot and then they took a break from the action to do their nails:


I tried these new sticker nail things.  My review is:  “meh.”

They were only okay.  A fun, easy way to add some extra flare to the nails but they peeled off a bit too easily and Ellie didn’t like the feeling of them on her nails and peeled them off within an hour.

We also all headed to the nearby park several times this weekend.  And, near the park, is a pond.  All the kids loved exploring this area, especially Austin who requested to go back later in the weekend with Rob.  I’m guessing that is because he wanted to climb all over the culverts around the pond and I said “not today” but Rob probably said “go for it!”.


He’s really looking forward to exploring the nature area and creek again by Shelly and Kerry’s house in Kansas later this month!

Sunday was a fun day too.  We took the kids to a new indoor park in Eagan called “Good Times Park”.  It’s an interesting idea.  It’s just a big warehouse that has normal outdoor playground equipment (okay, probably a bit cooler than normal outdoor stuff), a huge jumping pillow, a big turf soccer/football area, and a gym for basketball, dodge ball, or hippity hops.  Then they also have a foam block construction area.  We enjoyed our time there a lot.



The kids especially liked the foam block things.  More than I thought they would.  But they made some fairly creative structures:


Ellie’s race car.  All three kids helped with this one.


I’m pretty sure I took the above picture from the wrong angle but the sunlight was in my way.  I think it was a “creeper” from minecraft with a sword.


This was a boat that we sailed to Mexico in.  Hard to see it with all of us on it.  See a theme with Austin in pictures.  Peace!  He does it in every single picture unless you tell him 5 times to stop.  Yes.  It gets annoying.

Anyway, it’s nice we’ve found a place to burn off some energy indoors.  I hope we don’t need to use it too often.  I much prefer sunny days.

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