Monday, May 19, 2014

Last Preschool Fieldtrip!

Riley has her last day of preschool this upcoming Wednesday.  Last Friday I was able to join her school on their field trip to the YMCA camp Kici Yapi.  Camp Kici Yapi has always been one of my favorite field trips the school does.  Hard to believe that we are just about done with preschool and all the fun that comes along with it (and all the non-fun too….like shuttling her to and fro).

Once we got to the camp (which is about a 5 minute bus ride from her school…my kind of bus ride!) we split into groups and sang some camp songs.  Then the kids had a chance to make their own wind socks.


We went on a short hike through the woods to the row boats.  One of the other dads volunteered to row my group around the lake.  He had just finished with his group so he already  had the life jacket on.  Probably a good thing because I’m not sure my rowing skills are where they need to be to maintain control of a vessel with 6 preschoolers bouncing around.


We finished off our camp tour with a snack and a couple of trips down the “black hole”.  It’s a 100 foot long slide (which is green so they should either paint it or call it the green hole).


In years past we have never been able to go down the slide because it was too muddy.  Since we finally had our chance, I had to try it out too.  I shot out the bottom and landed flat on my back.  There were teachers and parents at the bottom ready to catch the kids as they came down but they weren’t expecting an adult so they jumped back when they saw me leaving me to fend for myself.  I’m still feeling that one a little bit but it was fun.

Riley still has one fun day left with the Splash Pad on Wednesday.  I think she has mixed emotions about being done with school.  It took her quite a while to warm up to the idea of going to school (like a year and a half) so I’m hoping the next few months before Kindergarten don’t set us too far back.  I think the idea of being in the same school with her brother and sister are going to work (slightly) in my favor come the fall.

We’ve enjoyed the years at Shepard’s Flock but I’m also excited to close this chapter!

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