Thursday, April 24, 2014

Piano Recital

Earlier this month, 2 weeks ago actually, the kids had their piano recital.  Kerry is super awesome and lets my kids play in her recital even though they don’t take lessons from her.  She even goes so far as to pick out their music for them!  Ellie, being an ol’ pro now, was excited.  Performing in front of a crowd doesn’t phase her a bit.  Austin, having taken for less than a year, and having never played in front of anyone but me, was not as excited.  He wasn’t against it, he just wasn’t sure what to expect. 

Not being a real piano teacher, I’m never sure if I’m handling their lessons the right way.  Should they only practice their recital pieces?  Or should they still practice other pieces along with them?  When should they start practicing their pieces in relation to when the recital actually is?  I’m afraid I messed up a bit this year with this.  The kids probably peaked on their pieces about a week or so before the recital.  What happens then (or at least this is what sometimes happened to me as a kid) is that they start making more mistakes because they know it “too well” and don’t pay as much attention to the music.  The day before the recital I was probably more nervous than the kids because both of them couldn’t get through their pieces without numerous mistakes….like they didn’t practice enough.

But, they pulled through!  I was very proud of both of them!  Ellie did get to sing one of her pieces, so she was quite excited about that.  You can’t really hear her in my recording.  Must be her perfect pitch!  (just kidding!).  I only recorded one of each of their two songs, my favorites.

And me and my students:

kids recital

I should note that Jake also wowed the crowd with his mad piano skillz!  Maddie would have done the same but she snapped her collarbone in half while skiing (or I should say falling) the week before.  As my sister said “some kids will do anything to get out of practicing!” 

And a big thanks to Kerry for all her help!

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