Friday, April 25, 2014

A light at the end of the tunnel

As I sit here watching the pouring rain I think “at least it’s not snowing!”.  This winter seemed longer than others.  I’m sure it was no different but I wasn’t the only one in this family eager for the end.  Even the kids moaned over the last snow storm.  They weren’t moaning all the days the snow got them out of school, but they are eagerly anticipating some warmth.

Last weekend we hit 70 degrees.  What better way to celebrate than running through the sprinklers while the grass is still recovering from snow mold!


It seems to have become a tradition around here.  The first nice day above 65 and Rob turns on the outside water and the kids all get their suits on.  Actually, the first day above 60 and they were asking if we could set out our pool!


Sometimes we wonder what they neighbors think of us, but then we don’t really care.  And some of their kids join us so they must not think we’re too crazy.  Austin joined in on the fun too but he was running around with a squirt gun so we didn’t capture his bony white body running around.


I could get used to using sunscreen in April.

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