Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I know it doesn’t feel quite spring-like yet, but we have had some nice days and the kids didn’t need any convincing to get out and play!  Unfortunately, Ellie has been sick for over a week (we just found out she has pneumonia) so she missed out on most of the warm weather fun, but she’ll be back in action in no time!

Riley was having a great time splashing around in all the puddles.  I absolutely love this picture of her:


It’s just so “Riley”.  The outfits she puts together on a daily basis are something else.  Sweatpants with a tutu.  Casual and fancy all at once.

And the same day I was able to capture a pretty accurate picture of Austin as well:


He’s always concentrating and thinking about something.  He created a whole scene/story with his animals and action figures.  It was quite something.

I hope we get some more warm weather again soon for us all to enjoy again!

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