Sunday, March 16, 2014


I know it’s been too long since I’ve updated this, but “Oliver” has kind of consumed all our extra time.  I’m sure most of you heard that Ellie tried out for a community theater production of “Oliver” in December and she was very excited to find out she was selected to be part of the Workhouse Gang.  There was only suppose to be about 25 or so of these workhouse kids in the show, but when over 60 kids tried out the directors decided to almost double the number and selected 42 to join the group.  Having never been in theater I wasn’t quite sure what we were getting involved with but we were willing to try it out.

The rehearsals started in early January and at first she only went once a week to learn her songs.  The Workhouse Gang is only in the first scene of the show, and then they go back on stage for the curtain call at the end.  So, only about 7 minutes of fame for Ellie.  By the end of January the practices were more frequent.  Usually one for singing, and one for choreography. By February, the practices were sometimes 3 times per week and by the end of February the practices were from 6pm to 10pm….on school nights.  The majority of the Workhouse Gang was about 10 years old.  Ellie and two other girls were the youngest members at 6 years old.  We were pretty  nervous her migraines would come out in full force but through the whole process she only got one. 


Her performances started last week.  They have 8 shows. Thursday through Saturday at 7pm and then a matinee on Sundays.  Today wraps up the final show!  Ellie has absolutely loved every second of this experience!  And, as a parent it has been fun to see her so engaged in an activity.  I’m not sure our kids have ever been involved in anything yet that they truly love going to so that was a nice change of pace for us!

I think Ellie preferred when Rob would take her to practice because she was more likely to get a snack from Burger King afterwards!




Here’s a shot of Ellie during the last dress rehearsal.  She would really get into this part of the song and sometimes forget to do the next move of the choreography:



After the kids did their one scene they had to hang out in the “green room” for about 2 hours until the curtain call.  They were expected to be quiet (though some kids were far better at this than others).  Ellie did a lot of reading and playing on her iPad.


Sometimes it was more fun to read perched up on a folded lunch table!

The Murphy’s, both sets of grandparents, and the rest of our family all went to see the show.  She even had some special visitors from school.  Her classmate, Cole, and his family as well as her teacher Ms. Masters came to see her.



It has been a great experience for Ellie.  She already has her eye on a summer production of the Little Mermaid.  But that show is an all youth cast so I’m pretty sure 10pm won’t be on that schedule!

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Sue H said...

She looks just adorable! It sounds like she found the perfect activity.