Monday, March 17, 2014

Kindergarten Registration

I think I have created a monster.  This past school year has been pretty fun for Riley and I.  It’s so much easier to go places and do things when you only have one child with you.  Here’s what we’ve been up to the last month or so:


We have Alia over every Wednesday before preschool.  These two have really come to be great friends and spend a good portion of their day giggling.  Probably every other week I make them a fort to hang out in.  This probably wasn’t my best effort but you get the idea!


Riley has always been fond of playing with the fake food in our house.  We’ve had our fair share of tea parties that always include my teddy bear, Bud, and whatever stuffed animal she is attached to at the moment.


We’re lucky enough to have an ice rink within walking distance of our house.  This winter has been too cold most days for playing outside but Riley and I have found a couple times to sneak over there for an hour or so.


On those crazy cold days we’ve been diving into some of our “oldie but goodie” toys.  On this particular day we put together every puzzle we have in our house (there is only about 8).


And, we don’t always stay home.  We’ve frequented the library, Grandma and Grandpa have taken us out for a good number of lunches, and we do our own lunch dates too, and in the above picture we headed to another regular place…the mall.  Old Navy was handing out balloons and then we tried a new ice cream place (which was free because their credit card machine was broken – Bonus!)  I’m pretty sure she also picked out two new shirts.

My point is, we have a lot of fun.  The problem is that this is the look I get when I say it’s time to go to school:


It kind of breaks my heart.  Next year is definitely going to be weird without my little mini-me following me around.

This past week Rob and I took her to Kindergarten Registration.  She was excited to see some girls she knows but overall thought it was “boring”.  She perked up when we went to McDonald’s for dinner:


Getting spoiled and going out to eat is more her style!

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