Wednesday, February 19, 2014


In May, of 2013, when I got my iPad mini for Mother’s Day, a friend told me I should try the game Candy Crush.  Wanting to try out my new device I gave it a shot.  I quickly became addicted.  Then I addicted everyone else I could!  Well, after 9 months I’m happy to announce I am going into retirement.


515 levels is all they have to offer me and I am happy to take a break.  I’m sure there will be other updates and I’ll play it again someday, but until then, I am done.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Indoor Fun!

Because it has been a crazy cold winter, I have gone to crazy measures to keep Riley entertained.  Recently, at a friends house, she borrowed some rollerblades and started learning to rollerblade in their kitchen.  Riley couldn’t stop talking about it so I figured “why not?”.  I like to rollerblade and I’d like to have at least one of my kids enjoy an activity I like (so far skiing, ice skating, and biking have been denied) so I went online and picked out a pair of skates and away we went!

We’re obviously still in the beginner stages. 


See, she’s in control but is trying to hide the fact she’s scared out of her mind.  It’s fun.

She convinced me to put on my own rollerblades and hold her hand to help her along.  This did actually get her moving a bit more so that’s probably what we’ll do for awhile.


Nothing like rollerblading in your pajamas in your kitchen on a Sunday morning.