Monday, January 6, 2014

Cancun 2013

Our kids have had a really rough end of the year travel schedule.  Disney World in October, and a month later, we headed to Mexico over Thanksgiving.  Rob’s parents treated the whole Runchey clan to a trip in sunny Cancun.  Rob planned out the trip for everyone, 22 in total.  We stayed at the Gran Royal Caribe and it was awesome!

Our travels there went pretty well for as many kids as we had.  Our family, Bob & Patti, and Kristin, Jeff and their three kids all left out of Minneapolis.  We had quite a caravan.  My parents and Kerry all got up at 4:30 and took us to the airport.  We were at our hotel by 1pm and ready to check in.  Unfortunately, they were not ready for us and we had a couple hotel room problems, but those were all straightened out by the second day and everyone was ready to relax!


First one the kids’ agenda was the beach!


My kids love the water and it’s even better with a beach attached.  Riley and her cousin Kaitlyn would have been content on the beach from sun-up to sun-down picking up every scrap of seashell they could find.  On our final day we took the kids down to the beach one last time and Austin and Riley learned how to body surf the waves.  They were getting pretty brave about it so I was glad that was only on our last day!

The hotel had a “Kids Club” that the girl cousins loved!  We dropped Ellie, Riley, Claire, and Kaitlyn off there regularly.  Their favorite part was the nightly parties the kids club had.  There were puppet shows, dance parties, magic shows, and pizza parties. 


The kids always had a chance to participate (that’s Mckinley and Ellie testing out their puppeteering skills).  And if the Kids Club wasn’t entertaining enough, there was a pirate ship splash pad, 2 water slides, and mini golf.

Austin’s favorite activity was painting the pottery.


Grandma Runchey bought each of the grandkids a piece to paint.


And their favorite part was getting the pieces back because the man running the stand jazzes them up a bit.


Austin ended up going back and using his spending money to make a fish platter for Grandma and another piece, a shark, for himself.  I’ve never seen him so interested in an art and craft project!

It was an all-inclusive resort so we had our fair share of great food and drinks (especially Mojitos!) and the pool usually had some activities for us as well.  I’m pretty sure we went undefeated in pool volleyball and the adult guys had a pretty hardcore game of water polo that was their favorite (but it was ruthless and not for me….or any other woman that I saw).  But it was equally fun to just relax in the sun and chit chat.



As I sit here typing up this post, it is –48 degrees (with the wind-chill) and the governor has closed all MN schools.  I wouldn’t mind jumping into this picture where it was probably 135 degrees warmer.

Thanks Bob and Patti!

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