Friday, January 31, 2014

Bathroom Crashers…Runchey Style

Okay, so maybe it didn’t happen in 24 hours like it does on HGTV, but it did go fast.

A couple months ago I shared a Pinterest pin with Rob about how some people have redone their bathroom oak vanities using several coats of gel stain.  Both of us are very tired of all the oak in our house.  It’s okay, but it’s everywhere!  He was intrigued and did some research of his own and ordered a can or two to try out.  Meanwhile, I got back on and Pinterest and looked up some more ideas and decided I wanted to tile from the vanity up to the ceiling.  It’s a very small powder room so I didn’t think it would be too time consuming or costly.

Fast forward to last week.  Rob finally just bit the bullet and started staining our vanity.


This is also our only “before” shot of the bathroom.  Grey walls, purple and white butterflies stamped as a border, contractor mirror.  It was fine, just needed some sprucing up.

I think he ended up putting 2 or 3 coats of gel stain on and followed it up with a couple coats of poly.  Either he made it look easy, or it was easy.  I can’t say.  I had no part of this.

On Friday I went to Lowes and found some mosaic tiles I liked for half the price of all the other styles I picked out.  I was sure it was a mistake so I decided to just go for it and buy everything we needed before they raised the price.  Saturday I called my dad to see if I could borrow his tile saw and we were on our way!


And lucky us, look who came along with his tile saw:


A tremendous help!

And, because we didn’t have enough going on, my dad and I also tackled taking apart our dishwasher.


Got that all fixed up good as new.

Tiling always takes a little longer than I think it’s going to take.  Especially when I do these little mosaic styles.  I really should pick something more straight forward.  It started to get a bit crowded up there towards the end and my neck was getting stiff but we did get it done in a few hours.


The whole wall:


And then one more trip to Lowe’s for a new faucet, towel bar, grout, and other accessories and we were done!  I told my dad my faucet installing skills were not quite up to par.  I got it done, but it probably took 30 minutes longer than it should have!  (And it probably shouldn’t have taken 30 minutes to start with).  The final product:


Rob and I are pretty happy with our results.  Makes us want to refresh the rest of the house.  We’re accepting donations.


Anonymous said...

Very nice - love the colors in the tile too!

Sue H said...

This is gorgeous! Nice job, both of you.