Saturday, January 25, 2014

Arm Knitting

I am hoping we are on our last round of sickness in this family, as Rob is wrapping up his second bout.  I sort of feel, as a microbiologist, that I have failed to pass on the importance of hand-washing in our house.  I will work on reiterating that lesson.

In the meantime, everyone (but me) is either in bed by 8pm or earlier so I have some downtime at night and last night I decided instead of playing Candy Crush or watching some lame TV show I was going to knit a scarf.  Earlier in the day, during preschool drop-off, I heard another mom saying a person can knit a scarf using their arms.  Since I don’t own any knitting equipment I thought this sounded promising and I was off to Michaels to purchase my first ever skein of yarn.

Armed (ha ha…get it?!) with some yarn and YouTube I was ready.  After a 20 minute video, and then 5 more minutes of practice, I had this:


It kind of looks like a hot mess but the video warned me it would so I continued. 

Sure enough, in another 40 minutes I had my completed project and since no one was awake I had to rely on the ol’ “bathroom selfie” to get a picture:


I’m not sure how similar it is to real knitting but I enjoyed it.  Plus, it was easy and quick.  My kind of project!

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