Saturday, December 7, 2013

Disney World–Days 4 & 5

We decided to sleep in on Friday and head to Animal Kingdom later in the morning.  I had read a lot of reviews on Animal Kingdom, and have been there myself many moons ago, and none of the reviews regarded it at as place that needed a full day.  Plus, we had a surprise in plan for later that afternoon.

We walked around Animal Kingdom a bit, took in a Finding Nemo musical which was great, and headed on the Safari which was nice.  We got to see some animals pretty up close.  I had Kerry’s fancy schmancy camera, but didn’t even use a zoom for these pictures:






That giraffe is almost hard to see with the tree in the background, but I was half expecting him to just come a couple feet closer and lick me.

By 3 o’clock our kids were done.  They were hot, tired, and eager to get back to the hotel to rest.  Unfortunately, we had a date to keep that they didn’t know about.  Rob convinced them he wanted to ride the Rockin’ Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios and then we could go back to the hotel.  So, they begrudgingly got on another bus to another theme park.  Then they trudged into the park and we sat down underneath the giant Mickey Hat.  After about 10 minutes Austin said “Dad, go ride your ride already!  Why are we just sitting here?”  and I said “Just relax, sometimes it’s just fun to people watch.  For example, I see someone we know.”  This perked them up a bit and they all started darting their heads back and forth looking for someone.  Across the way I saw a little girl doing the same and then she stopped dead in her tracks:


That’s Mia.

Her and her parents drove down from Georgia to meet up with us for the weekend!  We didn’t tell any of our kids it was going to happen (in case it didn’t and because surprises are fun!).  They were definitely surprised!



These kids went from grumbling little beasts to crazy happy in mere seconds!  It was awesome and one of the main highlights of our trip!

We spent the rest of the night hanging out at Hollywood Studios, where we rode Star Tours:


The kids loved this ride.  Especially Austin and Riley.  Rob loved the idea of the ride, but he came out sweaty and clammy.  He tried once more but was no better off.  Apparently motion rides are NOT for him!

We ended the night at Epcot around 10pm.  For 4 kids who were exhausted by 3pm, that was a late night.

Saturday, Day 5, the Haefner’s joined us at our hotel pool.  We spent the day relaxing and the kids spent the day playing.  It was fantastic.  We headed to Downtown Disney for dinner at the T-Rex restaurant.


The service was crazy slow, but Austin and Mia spent 3 hours just playing together with some little lizards they won at a pool party earlier in the day.  Those two can just pick up wherever they left off no matter how much time has passed.  True friends!

We ended up walking around Downtown Disney and the kids found a stage to just dance the night away.


It was an awesome addition to our trip.  We were sad to say goodbye Saturday night.  Chrissy has since told me that every time Mia catches her texting me she is certain we are planning another surprise get together.  Wouldn’t that be nice!

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I think the picture of Austin and Mia says it all