Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Disney World–Day 6

On Sunday, after a relaxing day at the pool with the Haefner’s, we headed back to Magic Kingdom.  There was no way to tackle that whole place in a day so we devoted another day to the place.

We re-rode a few favorites.  Aladdin’s magic carpet ride was one of the favorites for our kids:



We went on that ride 3, maybe 4 times.  We also hit up Pirates of the Caribbean.  That wasn’t a fan favorite (unless you’re talking to me).  And I’m pretty sure that Rob and Austin managed another go round on Buzz’s Space Spin (or whatever that one is called).

While Austin and Rob went to check out the Haunted Mansion, the girls and I waited in line to meet Chip and Dale.


But one of my personal highlights of the whole trip came later in the afternoon.  We had fast passes for Enchanted Tales with Belle.  I didn’t really know what it was but since Belle is one of Ellie’s top two princesses I made sure we got passes for it.  I was not disappointed.

We walked into a little room with a small group of 20 or so people and the cast member handed out parts of a play that the audience was going to act out for Belle because it was her anniversary with the Beast.  Rob was picked as a knight, Riley was picked as the horse (how appropriate!), and Austin was the little footstool dog.  Then Ellie was picked to be the Beast.  Kind of weird that one of the smallest girls there is the Beast, but she of course was delighted to have a part.  The kids had a blast acting out their parts for Belle.  Then, for the grand finale, “the Beast” got to dance with Belle.


The look on Ellie’s face for the entire song was priceless.


Belle talked to her the whole time they were dancing and Ellie just kept staring at her with that goofy grin.  I asked Ellie what Belle said to her and Ellie, still smiling, said “I have no idea.”

Each of the kids got their own moment with Belle.



There was no flash photography, so I did my best in that poorly lit room.  It made my day to see my kids so awestruck.

Before we left Magic Kingdom we waited in line to visit with the big man, Mickey Mouse.


Then we headed back to the hotel in time for a light saber fight by the pool.


It was definitely a magical day.

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