Thursday, December 19, 2013

Catch Up

Since I spent over 2 months recapping our Disney trip, I’m pretty behind as far as blogging goes.  Here’s a quick recollection of our fall.

#1  Hiking

Rob and I both got sick of spending the majority of our weekends indoors.  We decided it was time to get out and enjoy some of the beautiful trails around us.  We dragged the kids to the trail by the MN River and forced them to walk the trail.  Fortunately for us, after about 20 steps they thought it was awesome and the complaining stopped.


Austin led the charge.  He found some fun trees to climb all over and we had a great time.


I told Rob he absolutely could not go out any further on this.  It was too cold for a swim.

This hike reminded me that I’ve always wanted to try geocaching which brings us to


#2  Geocaching

When we got home from the walk the kids and I checked out the app and realized there is a cache right by our house.  The boy scouts put one in the park across the street so we headed over to search for it.  Austin found it right away.  The kids were each delighted to sign the log, leave a bracelet we made, and take a toy frog.  I was excited that we maybe have an activity we can do together next summer.  I also told my dad about it, who has always been my outdoor partner in crime with trips to Taylors Falls and what not.  Of course he was game so we went off on a hunt the next day for a couple caches located near his house.

Dad found the first one hidden in a pine tree.  The next cache took us a long time.  But we finally found it.  A tiny test tube wrapped in camouflage, secured with wire in the folds of a hollowed tree trunk.


Here I thought, “oh, look at dad getting all techie trying to find the details for our next cache!”  and then he popped his head up:


“Mom wants us to go to Lund’s for some lettuce.”  He texted her back and said “what are the coordinates?”

#3  Glasses

As an attempt to figure out what causes Ellie’s eye migraines, we took her to get her vision checked.  At first Ellie did NOT want glasses.  Then once she tried a few on for fun she started hoping she would need glasses.  Well, her prescription came back 20/25 so she probably does not need them.  However, it was only $25 for two pairs so I thought it was worth a shot if it would solve her migraine problem.

Her favorites:


My favorites:


And, as it turns out glasses aren’t any fun and she hardly ever wears them now.  They didn’t seem to improve the migraines anyway so no big deal.  Given my horrible eyesight and Rob’s bad eyesight, all our kids will need them someday anyway so now we’re ahead of the game with Ellie.

And finally

#4  Repurposing

I think that’s what the new trend is called.  When you take your old furniture and give it a make-over?  Well, after 13 years with our old blue couch we finally retired it for a newer model.  But, our new couch is light brown, our other chair is light brown, as is our carpet, walls, wood work, etc.  We needed some color in our family room so I took the old end tables:


And turned them into this:


I tried that new “chalk paint” technique.  But of course, I used the frugal version.  Annie Sloan chalk paint runs almost $40/quart.  So, I did a little research, bought some Calcium Carbonate (chalk) and mixed it with some regular ol’ paint from Home Depot.  Voila!  Chalk Paint.  Worked just fine.  The hardest part was the waxing you have to do afterwards.  Rob and I tackled that part together.  I’m happy with the results and glad to have a little color in the room now.


Phew!  That’s it.  That brings us up to Thanksgiving which will be another giant post.

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