Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween Recap

We were just a tiny bit more prepared for Halloween this year.  Tiny is the key word there.  Usually we are running around carving pumpkins (or actually purchasing pumpkins to carve), throwing together costumes 10 minutes before we run out the door.

This year I took the kids to Cal’s market to get pumpkins a full 4 days before Halloween! 


Cal’s is a fun place because of the Haunted House (in the background) they can walk through.  Plus, outside they have some calves, goats, and bunnies.  It was a good way to spend another night with Rob at school.

We carved the pumpkins Wednesday night (another first, usually we are racing to get it done right before trick or treating).  This is the first year the kids have been willing to actually participate in the de-gutting and carving.


Some were more willing than others to touch the guts.


The results:


From left to right:  Riley, Ellie, Austin

Earlier in the day I was treated to some spooky songs and a Halloween party at Riley’s preschool.


She was a fox.  She wanted to be a puppy but I couldn’t find a puppy costume above size 2T that wasn’t $20.  So, a fox was a good compromise.

On Halloween the kids rushed through homework and piano lessons before they got dressed and headed to our neighbors for a quick pizza dinner. 


We had Poseidon (Greek God of water…I think), Smurfette, and the Fox (who ripped a hole in her brown fox clothes so went as a fox dressed as a girl).

The kids covered the whole neighborhood and came home with lots of goodies.  I have no shortage of snickers now!

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