Thursday, November 21, 2013

Disney World–Day 3

Thursday brought us to Epcot. 

I went to Disney World at age 10, 16, 17, 18, and 27.  I don’t think I liked Epcot on any of those trips.  This time I could have spent a few days there.  I must be getting more mature in my old age.  Nah, that can’t be it.  I’m guessing Epcot has upped their game and is now providing more fun than they used to.


Ellie’s first purchase was a fan.  It came in handy throughout the rest of the trip as it was unseasonably warm there!

We did hit a few of the rides at Epcot.  During a particularly long wait (which wasn’t that long considering we had fast passes for almost everything), we found Austin like this:


I immediately got the heebie jeebies and told him to get off the floor, but who does that?  What a weirdo.

The kids all put the ride “Soarin’” on the top of their lists from all the Disney parks.  Too bad we could only ride it once.  The fast passes (for the whole day) were distributed by about 11am.  I guess we know what we should do next time we go there!

After the few rides we tackled the countries.  The kids got a kick out of visiting each countries Ambassadors and getting their names written in a different language, and learning what the different countries flags were.  We were happy to spot Donald Duck in Mexico.  As a side note, I think out of all the characters we stopped for, only 1 did not go on break the minute we got in line.  We are bad luck for characters!


Of course the favorite country was Norway!  (Grandpa Gunderson is up in heaven saying “of course!”)

In case you can’t tell in the picture below, Austin is being stabbed by a viking.


He thoroughly enjoyed channeling his Norwegian heritage:


In fact, they all did:


I think Ellie makes a particularly convincing Scandinavian!

After a long day of walking through the countries, we decided to head back to hotel around dinner time.  It was a lot of walking and everyone was ready for a rest.  We told the kids we could come back and complete the countries they missed another day…something we never did which is a bummer since I was enjoying the experience so much this time.

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