Saturday, November 16, 2013

Disney World–Day 2–Princess Breakfast

On a cold day in April, Rob and I woke up at 4:45am to call Florida.  It was the day that we were 180 days away from our trip to Disney World and apparently if you don’t call right away when they open, at 6am (Eastern Time), your options for character dining will be limited.  Now, I’m not sure how valid this myth is, but we weren’t willing to risk it.  I had narrowed down our Princess dining options and Rob settled on Cinderella’s Royal Table.  “Go big or go home” is what he said.  Or something to that affect.

I don’t think any of the kids were disappointed.  (I thought the food could have been much better for what we paid but I guess nobody goes there for the food). We were able to meet Cinderella right away!


She’s quite kind.  She directed us up the stairs to our royal table.  Ellie was ever the princess daintily holding up her dress as she climbed the stairs.


Please ignore the tennis shoes.  They were definitely not her preferred footwear for such an occasion but I drew the line at plastic high heels getting put in the suitcase.

After we started breakfast we were joined by Snow White.


Next up was Princess Aurora.


We were only halfway through our meal but by the look on Ellie (and Riley’s) face I’d say it was pretty magical.


And speaking of faces, guess what this mischievous grin is all about:


That’s the look of a boy who may, or may not, think that Princess Ariel is beautiful.  I mean, not that he likes princesses, but if he had to get to know he has always thought Ariel was easy on the eyes.


I believe here he is winning her over with his knowledge on platypuses.  I’m not joking.

Next up was Jasmine:


Austin didn’t have anything negative to say about her either.

We rounded the meal off by making some wishes on our “wishing stars”.


When Ellie opened her eyes, Princess Jasmine was squatting right in front of her asking if she made a good wish.  I’d say her wish already came true!

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