Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Disney World 2013–Day 1

Remember this post?  At the time 7 months felt like an eternity.  It went by in a flash though and last month we finally boarded the plane for Disney World! 

Our flight left at 7:15am, so the kids were up at 5:00am, to get in our taxi (thanks Dad!) at 5:30.  They were awesome.  There was absolutely no grumbling about being woken up or combing hair.  I wish I could tell them every morning we are going to Disney World, sure would make the mornings around here easier to handle!

The kids all wanted to sit together on the flight.


For the most part they did well, but about half way through Rob switched with Riley to make getting everyone what they needed (crayons, drinks, snacks) easier.  Precious (from preschool) thoroughly enjoyed his first time in an airplane.

Getting to the hotel was a breeze.  We didn’t need to get our luggage or anything.  Once we arrived we checked-in, put on our swimsuits and headed to the pool!  Our pool was awesome.  It was huge with plenty of lounge chairs and activities all day for the kids.  While the girls played Bingo and had a hula hoop contest Austin entertained the group with his very own dance party.  That kid loves to dance (to his own beat)!


We spent the majority of our first day hanging out by the pool and enjoying the warmth.  After dinner we decided to scope out the rest of our resort.  It was divided into 4 sections:  Little Mermaid, Lion King, Finding Nemo, and Cars.  We ventured over to the Cars area and the kids had a blast posing with every car they had….and they had a LOT.  Here’s their favorites:











And finally, Lightning McQueen.  He was the last car we saw.  Guess what we learned from the security guard by him….you are not supposed to climb on the cars.  Oops. 

The cars were a big hit with the kids since we’ve all seen the movie 50 times, at least!  And I’m sparing you the other 10 pictures we have with every other car.

We ended our first night with some lounging in a Cozy Cone.


After a very busy first day, and knowing that we had an early morning ahead of us we attempted to get the kids to bed early.  They were a bit too excited for that, but I think they finally gave in around 9:45pm.  Rob and I loved our hotel room with separate rooms, bathrooms, and TVs.  It actually allowed us to enjoy our down time too!

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