Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Rainbow Loom

When we went to visit Mia (and her parents) in Georgia this summer she was sporting an armful and leg-full of colorful bracelets she made from rubber bands.  They were called Twisty Bandz and her mom said they were the big trend and the replacement rubber bands were impossible to find anywhere because they were so popular.

Fast forward 3 months and the craze has finally hit Shakopee.  Twisty Bandz is now called Rainbow Loom but that’s the only thing that has changed.  I went out to Michaels one afternoon after dropping off Riley to pick up a loom for my kids.  Yes, I had kid-free time and I chose to spend that time learning how to make these bracelets so I could teach the kids when they got home.


That’s the loom, the hook, and my first bracelet.  I promptly gave the bracelet to Ellie when she got home from school and my efforts were worth it because she was REALLY excited.

But, Ellie’s not the only one interested in this contraption.  Riley was interested in making her own too.  The process is not terribly difficult but it does require a fair amount of fine motor skills.  But, Riley was determined and made her very own “fishtail” variety.


Her favorite part is picking out the patterns she is going to use.

Austin even got involved.  He made the traditional bracelet (on his wrist) and then made another “fishtail” style for someone in his class who wanted one.


And, the kids aren’t the only interested parties.  I actually think it’s pretty cool too.  I’ve been using YouTube to research the different styles of bracelets that are possible.  There are a ton of different varieties.  For the most part the kids stick to the basic 3-4.  But, Ellie requests the fancier ones from me so I get to play too!

It’s nice to see them put down the iPad and get crafty with me!

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Lynne said...

Taylor has gotten into this also. Her latest creation is a starburst bracelet. She finds the videos on You Tube very helpful!