Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sever’s Corn Maze

We headed back to Sever’s Corn Maze this year for another fun fall morning.  There was only one day this month that we were able to go.  And it seemed like everyone else had the same plan as it was the busiest I’ve ever seen that place!


We started off with the bounce pillows so we wouldn’t have to wait in the lines later.  These are always a hit!


Riley’s doing the belly flop, Ellie is in the light blue and Austin is in gray camouflage (hard to see him, right Winking smile).

We also hit up the corn pit.  We spent the most time here.  Everyone was buried and then somehow it turned into a game where our map of the corn maze turned into a treasure map that the kids stole from us.  We had to chase them down to get it back.  For the record, trying to run through a corn pit is fantastic exercise!


We also went to the petting zoo.  They had a baby giraffe this year so that was fun.  I had to drag Riley out of this area.


She walked around picking up stray corn kernels off the ground so she could feed them to the various animals.  The goats were her favorite.  The camel was a little aggressive (and hungry) and grabbed the corn right out of Riley’s hand as she was walking by.

We were surprised to find a new corn pit this year.  It was like a jungle gym surrounded with corn.  A couple rope swings, some monkey bars, and other  climbing equipment made this pit a lot of fun.


Ellie was the first Runchey kid to master the rope swing.  The other two finally figured it out towards the end of our time here but Ellie was the master monkey.

We topped off our afternoon with a walk through the maze.


We could have stayed here for a lot longer enjoying the things to do, but we wanted to get home to cheer on the Vikings.  We recognize that as a poor decision now.

We’ll be back next year.

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