Friday, October 11, 2013

Riley’s Field Trip

Today I went with Riley’s class to the Richardson Nature Center.  It’s my third year in a row going their with preschool (Riley’s second) and also just a fun place I take the kids a couple times a year on my own.  Today I had the pleasure of two other cuties joining us:


Emme and Katey are identical twins in her class and cute as can be.  Katey was dressed up in a velvet dress with tights and a sweater and Emme was wearing Adidas sports pants and a Brave’s jersey.  For identical twins they couldn’t be more different!  But they were both great kids to join me and Riley so they had that in common!

Our leader showed us two different kinds of snakes and then everyone got to pet a turtle and a toad.


As a side note, Riley found a GIANT painted turtle on our road this summer and Rob picked it up to get it off to the side and when he did the thing hissed at us.  It was kind of creepy.  As a result, Riley, my critter loving child, is slightly scared of turtles.  She was very hesitant to pet this little guy.

We also went on a nature hike.  We saw some shelf mushrooms, giant puffball mushrooms (that the kids were pretty sure were actually dinosaur eggs), and lots of acorns and leaves.


It was a pretty windy day and Riley has a bit of anxiety over storms lately so she stayed pretty close to me the whole time.

But, I didn’t mind!


Riding the “Blue Goose” back to school was one of her highlights.  Turtles schmurtles.

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